December 14, 2010

Today I ran 10 miles. Alert the surgeon general, Regina Benjamin.<--true. shes the actual one. aha

Disclaimer: I drafted this out of insanity more than a handful of days ago. and just now posted it. So when I say "Today". It wasnt today. it was the today in which it was written.

See. I speak clearly.
Follow me.


Today I did two amazingly wonderful things.

1- I went to breakfast before the sun came up. at Waffle House.

2- I ran 10 miles.

The first, well that is ALL you will get detail wise.



ok ok I can't resist. I twisted my own arm.

Here's the thing:

I felt like I was on vacation. and I was dreaming. at the same time. Because it was raining and dark when I went in to meet a friend before work. and everything there is yellow and early.

If you ever want to disappear and go somewhere else for a while. GO TO WAFFLE HOUSE.

You will instantly be far away from whatever you have going on, and also super enriched by the environment.


The second,
Today I ran 10 miles.

I say that with astonishment. and shock. and disbelief. where you laugh at ths situation because you are so stunned.

All of that.

and with the opposite emotion of "look at me, endurance hero".

I ran it in the most honest way.

screaming for the last mile,


Don't worry
I was with people. Not just yelling into the night.

At mile 9.5 my two friends broke out in "Jesus Take the Wheee eee eeel"

This is when I knew it was ridiculous. I only did this to seeeee if I could.

I could.

But there are injuries.

dumb ones.

Like a giant rug burn where the tag from your shorts rubs a hole on your back all the way through to your spine.

and other related rug burns.

See, I do this sometimes. do things just to see if I can... Like with 5:45 am yoga.

Bam. DID IT.

(abouuuuttt passed out at 2pm when I had used up all personally allotted office treats for staying alert.)

The thing is. I post this sort of thing on here, on my art blog. This blog that documents the pursuit of how I became an artist. how I was one. how I am one. how I grew up one day and made tons and tons of money...

I mean... pieces of art.

anyways. I post it here. Because it is art. the kind of life you absorb.

and it directly results in what I make. and what I say.


And. Waffle House reminds me that I love waitresses that call me sweety and honey when I am exhausted.

And I urge you- See if you can. See if you can wake up early. See if you can run until your knees scream. See if you can keep going.

 try it. because it can be hilarious.

when you are in the gym parking lot post work out at 6:50am. and  you realize you have one up on 90 percent of the waking population.

super powers yo.

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Debbie B. said...

Congrats on the 10 miles!!! That's awesome! I'm proud of myself when I get over 3! :) :)

i love music. almost more than everything.