December 1, 2010


Old Kent Road Theater's 

The Old Kent Road Theater’s Emancipatory Politics: A Romantic Tragedy (EP: ART) flings a large ensemble into a traumatic struggle to create an opening for sprawling thought and intimate embraces. Committed to the comedy of desire, the physicality of loss, and the potential for new spaces, this hyper-theater, contemporary ecstasy searches for the inextinguishable kernel of the radical-possible!

It is big-crazy. And in the East Village. And we will have beer & wine there.

Featuring Becky Byers, Anne Carlisle, Tyler Foltz, Charlie Hewson*, Beowulf Jones, Gavin Starr Kendall, Jesse Liebman, Megan McGowan, Iracel Rivero, Heather Lee Rogers, Joey Ryan, Alexis Sottile, Victoria Tate, Hollis Witherspoon, and Morgan Anne Zipf.

*Appears courtesy of AEA.

Art Design by Abernathy Bland
Light Design by Morgan Anne Zipf
Text by Eric Bland
Direction by Eric Bland and the OKRT Ensemble

8 Performance Dates:
Thu 12/2, Fri 12/3, Sat 12/4, Sun 12/5, Tue 12/7, Thu 12/9, Fri 12/10, Sat 12/11
All shows at 8pm.
Tix: $18 General / $14 Student

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