January 19, 2011

small books take a hike.

The sun beats in my studio window and fries my puppets and paintings. 

I am not complaining. 

My puppets are.

I just didn't sit in the sun here before because I used to go to my studio AFTER my day job. 

Basically, this new schedule is amazing. 

and as I found out, sunny.

and my sinus infection.. which it actually turned out to be.. is on his way out the door.


The last project I finished up was a Sketchbook Project. I mentioned it already. But it is now traveling in the mail.  Which I always think is exciting ~ for my work to move. Literally.

Maybe that is why I am fascinated by puppets.

Maybe that's why I like having to drive my work places.

 When it is moving, it is harder to stand by it.

Oh I still do. 

But when you are at a gas station and there is a puppet in your passenger seat YOU LOOK CRAZY.

The real deal sketchbook is here though. check it.

Catch it in real life on tour with other sketchbooks.

As part of THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011 touuuuuuuur

Winter Park
San Francisco

Again. you get a topic. Guess mine... hmmm

    look at the greeeeeeter. baahaha                                                                             this guy. not so funny. more mis.



Oh, and because you need to see this too,


CLICK HERE.  hilarious/smart.

I once made giant boots/stilts that my friend wore into McDonalds and ordered a happy meal at the counter in.

NO ONE SAID ANYTHING WHEN WE DID THIS. I need to find the footage of this. Now that I mentioned it, I am on that mission.



Anonymous said...

I have to say first, I think about so many things while reading your posts- it's overload and then when it's over I just don't know what to say anymore because the train has taken me way off the subject...(which is a great thing).

Also, does your camera have a macro setting? If so- that could really improve your close ups:)

Debbie B. said...

Very cool post! Loved the end about the biggest nightmare. So creative!! :)

KT said...

J'adore the Nightmare Novel. I think you know which post it speaks to me the most.

i love music. almost more than everything.