January 3, 2011

Rain. I do not mind you. In fact. I love you.

My New Year.

feels like this.


Last year was big.


The birth of THIS BLOG- Riding Bareback Beside a Train

I didn't want this blog to be a diary, or journal. But I wanted it to be real. and sort of sticky.

Are We Bourgeois, Mon Amour? theater/puppet design.

hey you- read about an ultimate collaboration: our mockumentary ran a 10k.

my canvas squirrel traveled to a contest and won some amazing fabric from Brooklyn General Store

A video interview.

A print went to Norway. via the blog world.. look ma, I have a real blog.

Art director at MADD camp. kids are crazy. I support that.

I handmade 23987129 bajillion business cards.

made Carousel Series.

Production/puppet work with show- Bethlehem or Bust.

Costume work- baby Michael Jackson. ridiculous.

Emancipatory Politics set design.


I just quit my day job. *

this year will be bigger.


Evie said...

happy new year! i just found your blog/art and LOVE IT!! Esp the "I'm having a love affair with the sun one!" can't wait to purchase one one day (when i have a place for them)!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! Like the above, I found your blog and art through this crqzy world. (Kelly Hamptons blog to be more spacific).
And can I say I am in love with your art. How can I buy one\some?
You are brave and strong for quitting your day job to pursue art!! Anyway, good luck with all your endevors!

Abernathy said...

Just added HOW TO ORDER WORK on the right hand side. Yay. Thank you thank you :) !!

Kelle said...

Can we get a HOLLAH!?!?! You Go, Girl! Now I'm just going to get up from my chair and dance to this for a minute.

i love music. almost more than everything.