January 11, 2011

Some of my friends are made of cardboard.

Yes. I said. Some of my friends are made of cardboard. 

I will not say which ones.

someone's hipster streak is in high gear right now

When they are done with their jobs on stage... they work in the studio when I need their opinions. or support.

see in the top left corner... he's running his mouth. It's ok. usually... he is right. 

I am getting used to waking up and breaking into an " IM LATE FOR WORK" sweat.

false alarm. 

I am not late. 

Want to know something really hilariously lame but something that is very true?

I never skipped a class in college. 


Once I ran out of French class. 
Let's just say I had Sunny D that morning. and happened to see it again later.

And Once I overslept 8 am Sociology. 

and cried.

my roommate Jameson can tell you. she talked me off the ledge.

Anyways. I'm on my own schedule now. 

Which is a huge responsibility. 

And because I took the risk, I am not taking advantage.

And because I took the risk, I can't afford to be any version of lazy.

Speaking of...

I'm taking part in this.

So I have to crank out the rest of my book to get it to Georgia. 

You get a theme (from a list). 
and a book. 

And a bio. 

And you get to be on tour. I am going to be on a bus I think. 


I chose my theme easily. 

I am totally aware my rabbits are precious and creepy all at once. 

I have always been fond of nightmarish things. 

But, like, friendly monsters.

you know. Dracula made of glitter. 

That sort of mix.

Here is a peek into my sketchbook. 

Again, the theme is nightmare. But that is just a theme. and not a literal boundary. So I made it a little biographical metaphor of risk. and fear. and lovely things.


In other news. I am working on staying organized.

     my notes are everywhere. look in the top left corner of this portfolio

This one below is new to you.

but not new to my mom.

She got it for Christmas. 

But you can get a print framed for YOUR mom.
(my mom is cool with just the one. but I am sure she will accept lottery scratchers in place of more of these) 

Here are more examples of framed prints:

(framed 16" x 20" print of a blog drawing.)

And I have to jet... because my sketchbook characters are getting irritated.




Ren M said...

i must say. that i am doing a happy dance in my head because i said to myself "man..it would be pretty stellar if i could see this sketchbook project in real life, but since there is no culture in colorado, i doubt it would come close to denver" (i was right)

and then i said to myself "ooh, it's gonna be in DC. how stellar would it be if it happened to be there while i'm there?" but i knew it wasn't actually going to happen.

but you know what. it is :)

Anonymous said...

Bee-U-T-ful. I spy an Obama sticker.

Brenda said...

I'm a new reader of your blog and I'm loving it. You're inspiring!

Is that a Spice Girls reference? :D

i love music. almost more than everything.