April 25, 2011

I'm moving.


it is bittersweet. 

but I'm moving dangerously close. to where I live now.

as in- load up the radio flyer and take more stuff to the new place- close.

and I say it is bittersweet, but I am VERY excited about the new place because we are 4 steps away from my favorite vegetarian burger in town. 

And not only that. I can walk to my studio. 

And I will be living with mad fun people. 

So I am happy. 

But also. 

I am so thankful for my amazing narrow house on the corner of "change is the only constant" and "keep the heat off until we REALLY need it" 

I lived the heck out of this charming, happy, lovely place.

decorations every season.

And. oh I made so much here.

I mean, when were we not?

And. I think that in truth, I will mostly miss dancing in the kitchen.


so cheers to you, 

sweet house. 

sweet memories.




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