April 29, 2011

Gray is an illusion.


oh please. 
look through this and tell me my city isn't a wonderland.

And in such a place. 

there are appropriate days to make inappropriate decisions. 

on 10 dollar sunglasses.

I have a weakness for bursts of color on the bottom half of frames!

and even with the clouds, 

who says it's shady today?

Not me.

Powering through


"you can only become great at that thing you are willing to sacrifice for"

- maya angelou


Oh, and not in yet, but 
coming soon:

(modeled by my friend here)

maybe I'm the only one laughing, but this was my attempt at an androgynous person. 
(and I believe in posting drawings without thinking twice. so here it is.)

because the shirts (AS SEEN ABOVE)  are for everyone

so I guess this would have also been a good idea: 

two strikes. 
for me.
I'm losing it.



stay tuned. 

but if interested already, 

holler here:  abernathy.parade@gmail.com

State size: S M L XL

shirts will be $ 38.00

The real deal will be on the site in a couple weeks. but I was itchin to preview it.

Right now I am starting with this one "follow me" drawing. 

remember this one?-

hes going to be the 1st t-shirt superstar. 

But one day. 


you have no idea. 

and neither do I

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