July 18, 2011

because if you can dream it up. you can ask "how" later.

Riding Bareback Beside a Train 

is about moving.

but not in the same way other people are moving.

not on the train.

not buying a ticket.

not reading a magazine.

not watching the blurred trees through a window.

but holding on as tight as I can.

it is about trying something different.

it is about sometimes making things harder than they need to be.

because it feels better. 
because it feels richer.

it is about wanting to be unique.

it is about wanting to run. 

it is about the thrill.

it is about making things happen 

even though I don't usually know HOW 

or IF

but I know I can.

and I know I will try.

because I feel moved. 

and inspired. 

So. finally.


I made it.

now I can go to sleep. 

But I may just stare at the ceiling and think, 

"how exciting."


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