July 14, 2011

summer errands


So I go to hardware stores a lot. 

and yeah. I am really annoying in how I react to people there. 
sometimes/ ok..most of the time. 

I think, ew. stop talking to me helpful workers, because I am trying to blend in here. I don't need assistance. and no, I am not 13. I am very capable.

( I KID YOU NOT. one time a man said, 
when passing me in the lumber section, 
"You're awful young to be buying lumber." I had no response. 
just something that looked like this smiley face thing-  : /  )

Now aside from one severely creepy individual, 

A lot of solid people helped me out. 

I think my favorite part this time was when I confidently sent 5 people away saying "I'm fine... thanks"

but really... the one-more-very-specific can of something I needed was pushed so far back in the display that I started looking for brooms or devices to climb back in the shelf with.

until one of the workers realized what was going on and came back with a pole to help me.

All I did when he came over was crack up. 

thank you, hero.


This time I had a really amazing guy help me cut 50 boards out of some OSB. 

Which is cheap. but in all honesty this guy should be the spokes person for OSB (which I told him)  because we talked forever about it. I felt like I was being taken seriously. which I appreciated. madly.

and he talked to me about how houses should all be made of this. it is extremely strong (despite all the bad raps particle-type board gets). and by the way it is NOT particle board. we certainly established that.

(ripping 50 boards takes longer than 3 seconds.)  

and the only picture I have of my trek is this: A stack of boards. happily in the truck.

Because the trip to the parking lot was miserable. 


I was laughing on the inside though and really wanted to take a picture of this. but literally could not manage it.

I shooed off everyone who asked if they could help me push my cart out. because it is my instant response in times like this..."no I'm good. thank you... no..  got it" It just jumps out. I don't have any control. and I am so mad at myself sometimes. because. 

sometimes I DONT have it.

Like sweat-pouring-down-walking-completely-parallel-to-the-ground-to-get-enough-force-to-propel-this cart-up-the-hill-in-the-blazing-sun dont have it. 

AHHghhhh.. it was 105 degrees. and I was almost as low as the pavement.

even when I got to the truck. drowning in sweat. this guy walks up.

I think... woah. he is going to help me put this in the truck bed and at this point, 

I am totally going to let him.

He says, "can you move your cart. this is my car right here and I need to back it out." 

Sure dude. I am panting.

I deserve that.


But when it is hot. I also know the right places to go.

and where I live is currently all things summer.

I can barely handle those flowers. 

and I inappropriately ask the herb man questions. 

just because when he shuffles through them the smells pour out everywhere.


and you don't have to tell me twice, "honey get your free popsicle."

not fake.

find the hilarious pot.

subtle brilliant people are my favorite.

and in the neighborhood market, where there are t shirts on the back wall,
there are also cooling cheddar biscuits.

right under them.


that someone has to eat.

and this smiling gem made my morning. behind the watermelons.

so on that note...


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Katie Saint said...

Okay, the whole "No I don't need your help, but thanks" thing. I do it all the time. EVERYday. It totally just pops out. And even worse, when you walk into someone's house from the blazing hot 100 million degree weather in the dead heat of summer and they ask "would like you anything? water? tea?" Me in auto-pilot mode: "Oh no, I'm fine thanks." Thinking 0.3 seconds later, "NOOO!!! WHY? Darn it, I'm parched!" Even worse: when you do that in Kenya, where it is incredibly RUDE to do that! I can't help it. It just comes out. I feel for you with this one. LOVE YOU

i love music. almost more than everything.