July 27, 2011

I live life on the verge of tears.


The good kind. 


I dont run around crying. I just carry that feeling around that things are really rich. That feeling you have when a chorus of kids sings. 

and you aren't going to actually cry. 

because that would look bad. I mean you aren't even related to the kids. 

but it is so beautiful.

And. being this inspired is what makes the art journey a must do. for me.

I mean, I walk to the market in the AM and get a coffee... and pass a woman with a blueberry smoothie walking her dog and I am inspired by her morning routine. and the quiet school parking lot. and the two older men who met to run this early. and at this hour...they can already laugh and carry on with not-so-quiet voices.

It doesn't take much to send me to a place of (almost) too many ideas.

Can you be too inspired?
I think not.

But you can live crazy close to slipping into tears.
(and that is a really beautiful place.)

Life is rich.

Of course. yes. life being rich isn't one giant coffee high at the beginning of a summer road trip.

Life is full of a lot of terrible.

A lot of pain.

And that is rich.

because terrible takes you to a real level. one that gives you killer perspective, empathy, and awareness.

see, rich is both.

terrible and amazing.

So near tears.


Right at the edge.

Because life is intense.
and, therefore,


(shout out to some friends in the middle of rich moments. really terriblyamazingly rich.) 

So, marching along,

like the musical director of the PS22 Chorus, people should care that much and be that passionate about what they love...


I think kids do.

      She seriously loves what she loves.                                                                           And I get that. 

So nannying for these two has been a joy.

 see. when you quit a full time job.

you pick up random jobs.

and here. you see.

we have a winner. 


I currently have 921083 projects going at once. 

It is the nature of making it work. and staying afloat. and staying on track... or as close to the track as possible. (See blog title. ha.)

Here's one project,

This is my fourth year as the camp's art director. 

hard to believe. 

but it looks something like this:

And this is where I am right now. 

In the mountains. 

eating vegetables straight from gardens. and ice cream from the local place down the street.
while babies walk barefoot and heat lightning echoes the lightning bugs.

so yes I was just in NY two weekends ago. but the mountains...the country really.. is another obsession.


And more projects: 

I have been doing a decent amount of invitations.

who knew?

Well,  I am obsessed with celebrations, so, in truth, this makes a lot of sense to me.

I'm a sucker for themes.


Another project:

Shameless plug.

Have you seen sweet Dodgson in his short film?

Oh you have? 

Share it with friends.


And during all of this I am lucky to be working on some collaboration projects. 

Some I will shout about later when they are more complete. 

or finished even.

But yes. So much going on.

And I can do it. 
there is fuel everywhere I look.



Stephanie said...

I adore your invitations and the fact that reading this post also taught me that Andrew is going to be a daddy brings happy tears to my eyes! How can it be 10 years since we were all at Tucker & Godwin?!

I am definitely putting making a memory of your invite artwork for any future needs I may have - love it!

Amal said...

LOVE the tallkid steeny drawing :)

i love music. almost more than everything.