August 3, 2011

New York is sort of like my pen pal that I stay with a lot.

I pack light.

I'm really proud of how I have it down to a science by now.

Those green shorts. are my pillow. 

I usually carry my suitcase the whole time when I'm in New York. 

So it's a backpack. 

And this time,

I didn't take any of my creatures with me. 

I went because I knew I had to see something there. 

Sometimes I do that.

I rode up. just to see:



so good. 

and to spend time with creative friends.

(I know. it is) 

Check out the sign on the window. 

This is important to know. because sometimes the people on the bus make you question a lot about the world.

And figuring out everyone's story on the bus is how I get through the trek. 

 But then. 
I find my friend in the street with a veil.
She just picked it up from the post office and for some reason it was surreal to us. and hilarious. 

She had a veil in a bag. Walking around like no big thing.

And for everyone, 
Kristin and Dave. 


Am I right?

See, he did this: 

(this is not the real proposal. I took this to be awesome. 

at this point he knelt down to take a picture of us but I turned the camera on him to see what it was like when he actually proposed. Brilliant idea I think. He is a good. 

what? we are cool.

And if there is a morning where I am having coffee by a fountain with baked goods and people I love

and am waiting to go into an exhibit that I am dying to see. 

Well that morning would be my favorite. 

And it would look like this:

"I think there is beauty in everything. What 'normal' people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."

Sometimes I think... There's no time.

How can I spare a couple of days to see some work.

But then I realize.

How can I not?

It was so inspiring and brilliant. and reassures me that the best idea ever: 

is to learn. 

and then leap.

(even though I am constantly thinking... what did I do?!!...)


Here is a little about the exhibition:

The exhibition, organized by The Costume Institute, celebrates the late Alexander McQueen’s extraordinary contributions to fashion. From his Central Saint Martins postgraduate collection of 1992 to his final runway presentation, which took place after his death in February 2010, Mr. McQueen challenged and expanded the understanding of fashion beyond utility to a conceptual expression of culture, politics, and identity.

- Andrew Bolton

The link above. (it's this one)

 does not do justice to the show. but gives you the best idea possible.

(It's like trying to take a picture of the Grand Canyon. You can't really. 

you cant get the feeling in a frame.)


"It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholy but romantic at the same time," - McQueen

This piece was created.

Like this.

CLICK AND WATCH THIS. or you seriously are missing out.

It's just that when things are "displayed" it matters a lot how you do that.
Everything you put in that environment is going to either work with the pieces shown. or challenge them.

And this display of McQueen's work was so sharp. and heartfelt.

and all it did was make the clothing look more beautiful.

It was dripping with content.

This is the best picture I could find that gave a sense of the atmosphere in the show.

And it helped that we were moving like snails through the exhibit surrounded by warm, sweaty, wide-eyed people with NY streets all over their skin.

The attention to detail in this exhibition was obvious. Because all of the focus was on McQueen's work.

And he had some fantastic collaborations.

and it is closed now so I feel sort of horrible about expressing my mad love for it, but  

we waited in line for an hour. and stayed in the exhibit for three. 

I gasped at this.

What are those spots on the neck? THE MODEL's skin. that is painted in white. and that they digitally altered for the photograph. ah, smart. 

and there was no part of me that tried to look at a clock until after we were outside squinting from the sun.

"It is the end of a cycle -- everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things."-McQueen


Want more?
click here for a genius move. a fashion show.

Im moved all over again just writing about this show.
It was so touching. and inspiring.

Entirely worth the trek up.


Sometimes I know I have to go see something. I know I need to.
And Im glad I did.

meet kristin. she recently made a purse. a legit. gorgeously constructed bag. that takes patience. and knit a sweater. which is again... totally legit. and beaut. she is also from new mexico. and puts brown sugar in her coffee.

          meet rachel. she is excellent at a lot of things. but you should see her sweet drawings/paintings. they are delightful. she also comes bearing candy. and introduced me to belle and sebastian. "i had a funny dream and you were wearing funny shoes"-b and s.

And part of the New York that I love. Looks like this:

best picture Ive ever taken? maybe.


she wouldn't put on her shoes.

apparently she "wasn't getting ice cream because she wasn't listening." 

But she couldn't tear herself away from her bike.

 ride on sister.

  bus, bike, whatever, 



"There are designers that I admire, but I don't look up to them. I don't really look at what everybody else is doing. That's a studio mentality. There comes a time in your life when you focus solely on what you believe is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing."- McQueen


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