August 2, 2011

defiantly present.

You wouldn't believe the drafts I have stored up on this blog that I haven't published. or wont. or eventually will.

Here's one.


disclaimer- I wrote this on Fathers' Day.

The setting: a sunny morning. and a rainy-but-still-sunny afternoon.

There is something beautiful about reclaiming a holiday that should make you sad... into a holiday that makes you rich.

I preached a sermon today. 

on Fathers' Day. 

It was a new artistic feat. 

and I can't be hopeless or ungrateful on a day like today. when fathers are celebrated.

and although I am touched on a day like today. I am not mad. or angry.

because I didnt have not.

I had.

I had something to lose. so it was the worst.

but when I get a chance to remember him, it is the best.

Today was a chance to talk about him. my faith. and share part of what I carry around with me all of the time.


Just now, this man walked by me. I am outside in the rain. at a coffee shop. under an awning and perfectly content to be here.

but, I heard him worry about my computer in this weather. I heard him tell his wife that I shouldn't be out here. 

and then he walked by thinking I didn't hear all that.

 and finally asked...

"you're not getting wet? your computer isn't getting wet?"

"no. I'm good. thanks"

insert polite smile. (seriously. nice of him to care.) 

but watching the rain soak my sunglasses that are an inch outside the border of the shelter over me is refreshing. 

and I think that there is more to being close to the edge.
so I stay here.

My right arm is feeling some of the rain but I am defiantly present.


until I need to go to Home Depot.

But hey,

I know you already left. But you must know... the rain didn't chase me out.

It was my need for lumber.

Im serious.

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