October 31, 2011

Good morning goblins


My nephew is loving on Halloween.
He is a little Hamlet. 

He's talking to a skull. his latest treasure he likes to sleep with. 

He gives me every reason to think of him as a brilliant little creature.
Always making smart decisions.

He is 2. He is edible.

Alas poor Yorick...

(pronounced by little Hamlet as "work it") 

I tell myself every year that I am going to invest a little less in Halloween.

I'm going to take it easy.

I may as well realize that will never be the case.

However- Mad Props to my self control. I spent $8.00 on my costume.
This is good news for your local starving artist.

It may or may not help that I own most every accessory in the world. I'm talking pompoms. glitter. feathers. string.

and cardboard. Which is the universal art tool that can make anything.
I stand by that.

I even pulled some of my costume off my mantle. Is that weird?


So while we went out this weekend as Circus Freaks ( I use that term affectionately)

We get to do it all over again tonight.

I am thrilled.


I want to give a giant shout out to the places of work that are all dressed up today.

I always cracked up at the morning activity -
 "ahahahah look at you!"  and "ooooh thats a good costume."

Followed abruptly by the normal work day activity.

Im sorry. am I the ONLY ONE who sees a unicorn on a conference call?!

And I also love-

When a waitress takes your order and genuinely wants to know what you would like as a side. But you cannot even think about that as you watch the fake blood dripping from her ear.

My mind goes straight to the logistics of de-costuming- Ugh that shower is not gonna be easy.


This weekend we went on a run. turned a corner. and literally faced about a hundred zombies coming from the other direction.



and tonight.

Our street is about to explode in Halloween Crazy.

So I took it easy this year.

And I may or may not have climbed a tree to get a better decoration effect.


Thats just me.

Im not really into the holidays.

                                                                                                                                                                                      sneak peek

I just enjoy watching others go too far.


I will be back to reality tomorrow.




I kid.

But I will be less tied up.
(said the mummy)

Someone stop me.
I will stop myself.


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