February 2, 2012

Valentine's day may be corporate. But I would swim in a pool of conversation hearts if you made one.

Love is a great adventure. 

If you sit down and take it in.


And I mean all kinds of love. really. The huge grand kind of love that I believe makes everything ok.



Sometimes the most beautiful things happen to remind you that your 12 o clock dentist appointment is a dumb concern. 

by the way. no cavities. I begged that they would just ignore anything shady. 
but they didn't have to. 

Isn't it funny how all of a sudden for those 30 min it becomes real that the only life concern you have is - DO I FLOSS ENOUGH.?! GOD TELL ME I DO.

so back to love. the big kind:

I watched a sweet toddler randomly select and snuggle into the lap of a shy 13 year old girl on her first day of theater class. he didn't know her. he had no judgement. he just honestly wanted to sit with her. 

and she lifted her head up. and felt more comfortable. and felt important. 


My friend called and just listed everything we love. for a good 3 minutes. that is all the message was. 
just words. of things we like. 

I thought it was over and then heard... 

"oh yeah. carnivals. bizarres. ferris wheels. and yellow gold. BYE" 

I adored the message. it made today better.


and I have a friend that texted me this morning. Because she bought some art from me. But wanted it to go to someone else. out of the goodness of her heart. 


Tell me something you saw or something that happened to you. That made you realize this.

that love wins.

( just hit comment at the bottom of this post. and it sends you to the comment box. LEAVE ONE)


And if you hate Valentine's day. you just hate the dumb part of it. shake it off.

and remember. it's really about love. 

Although. I have nothing against a giant heart balloon with streamers for arms and legs.


see I have a love for holidays that is non-discriminating and maybe I was trained this way growing up. finding themed holiday socks on the kitchen table when I got home from school. 


and I have a love of ridiculous. 

I think most things ridiculous. are fantastic.


But I want to hear from you. about beautiful things. that celebrate love. 

The kind of things that you witness that make you squint your eyes and throw your hand on your heart. 

Tell me.

Hit the word COMMENT below and 


if you think you have nothing to share. keep looking out today. and by tomorrow. you will.

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Kim Johnston said...

Love wins...when my children (nearly all grown up now) are sick and still need my TLC and a cuddle on my knee, when the sun peeks out briefly and makes the world shine, when I watch for hours out of my kitchen window as the birds feast on the fruit and seeds I put out for them...and reading the blogs by the wonderful women in cyber land that cheer me and inspire me every single time XX

Molly said...

Overwhelming love...when my sweet girl feels so yucky with strep throat and has a high fever (so much so that her eyes just keep watering) and she still looks at me with the biggest grin when I walk in her room after nap time and days "Hi Momma. I LUHHHHH UUUUU!" Melts my heart. Every.Single.Time.

CB said...

Love wins - every morning in our house, when trying to get two frazled adults and two kidlets out the door, and twenty minutes into the Exit, I just have to sit down and laugh.
Hope your friday is filled with love, mine is drawing to an end, and with that final snuggle of cold feet on my warm body - love wins ('cause I don't scream out in sheer shock and pain!!)
Smiles CB

Anonymous said...

Hmn...my littly kitty. She needs to express her love so much that I think she would sit on anyone's head just to be touching them.
Yesterday I was ironing and she needed to love. So she climbed up the nearest thing to me and leapt, arms askew onto my back. It didn't work, she slid down and I have the wounds to prove it. But I turned around and just had to pick her up and hug her for awhile:)

PS- In case you haven't seen it, here's some love for you:

LC said...

Love is when your sister has an opportunity to have 3 dates and when she tells you you ask a ton of questions, get really excited for her and never try to make it about you.

Lydia said...
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Lydia said...

Love is when your husband sends you a message telling you he loves you no matter what...and even though he is thousands of miles away, it is perfect timing.

Shelby said...

One of the things that has made me feel overwhelmed by love is when i've walked the boy to his car and said bye then as he drives he always looks back watching 'til i get inside. it makes my heart beat faster every. single. time.

Also my best friend and roommate Jess, we are just so close and i love every moment with her. And i love that even though both of us are starting new relationships with boys we are making each other a priority. When she tells me she will kick my butt if we lose our mornings together its the best and purest love.

Mel said...

Love wins...when you get home after work, on a monday no less, and your adorable puppy is jumping all over you trying to lick every inch of free skin. It drives you crazy for an instant, but then you settle in on the floor and let her show her love for you, even if it means your nice work pants are covered in dirt and slobber and your face is red from her licking. And you snuggle and love her right back.

Love wins...when you look at your calendar and see lots of time with friends. Sometimes it's overwhelming looking at my calendar and seeing no "free time" but I so cherish those dinners, workouts, and game nights with friends.It's about time to share my heart with them...and after saying goodbye to a friend, I never once regret spending that quality time with them, no matter how much laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I need to do. So fill up my calendar. Fill it up with love.

Kelle said...

Hahaha. The title of this slayed me. Dude. Themed socks. You had me with themed socks. When people get all grumpy about Target putting Valentine's Day stuff out January 1st, I don't get the grumps. How can you not love the anticipation of Russel Stover chocolates? When I was in college and I lived in a bubble (Christian college in the middle of nowhere), I'd have these moments where I couldn't breathe. Had to get out of the bubble. You know where I'd go? Michaels. To look at holiday stickers and spend the little money I had on shamrock socks. And napkin rings with Thanksgiving turkeys. That is all.

Abernathy said...

attention everyone: xo.

i love music. almost more than everything.