April 26, 2012

THANK YOU to The Gallery at Unos for letting me inside.


Setting up a show is


I am convinced my mom would help me rob a bank if I told her it meant a lot to me.

Blurry is actual life.


Two Months Ago I had a show opening.

It was wonderful.

Thank you Thank you
Thank you
Thank you Thank you
Thank you 
Thank you Thank you
Thank you 
Thank you Thank you


I was blown away.

and to those who weren't there physically, but were there in my heart. and cell phone. Thank you so much. to you also. I am very aware of supportive people in my life. 
This includes you. yes.

So thank you.

from the very tip of the point at the bottom of my heart.


I don't have any words for the rest of this. so.

Here goes an opening of dreams....

there are a million people not pictured. And, I am so sorry about that. but 

I am so thankful for these pictures by Becca Hankins and Melissa Bruster. Without them I would have nothing. I never once picked up my camera. I just talked to everyone. And I am mostly glad I did that.
I soaked it all up.  So, thank you Becca and Lissa. xo.


And now it is coming down...

TODAY is the closing reception. 
Thursday, April 26th

If you want to stop by, you should. 
The gallery will be open from 5- 7 for a last little hoorah.

It will be smaller. 
I can't replicate the opening.

I don't think anything can. 

But come by from 5- 7 if you want to peek at the show one last time.


700 North 4th Street. Richmond, VA

Near 4th and Jackson.

Free parking available




I never doubt the support, but it was magical to see everyone.

I will keep saying it.

Thank you.


My sister got me this for the opening. 
I had been checking on it every now and again in a store display case. 

She set him free. 

I am so glad. I love it.

Thank you.



About UNOS: 

April is National Donate Life MonthLEARN ABOUT THE AMAZING WORK DONE AT UNOS! www.unos.org
Sign up to be an organ donor at: donatelifevirginia.org
United Network for Organ Sharing is a national nonprofit based in downtown Richmond which matches lifesaving organs from deceased donors to those in need on the national waiting list.


Rhonda said...

I want that alligator head! I was bitten by a caiman once. Did you know that? Oh, I almost lost my thumb. I can still feel the teeth grinding bone. OUCH!!

I love that I found your blog! I am in awe of your talent! I gush with fondness every time. I'm sure you think I'm such a huge nerd for gushing like that but I don't care.

I post every post on my FB page. I want my friend to know you!

Rhonda said...

commenting on my comment... "I want my friend to know you!" HA, I really do have more than one friend on FB. I AM a huge nerd.

Claire said...

this world wide web thing is too much sometimes.
i don't know how i found this, you.
but i am so glad i did.
i started from the beginning. and it's been 2 hours. it's 9pm and my dinner is sitting over there, waiting for me to stop.
i have tears going down my face. you are beautiful and creative and human and i just want to say thank you.
who knows if you'll see this. this www. thing is too much anyways.
love from here,

i love music. almost more than everything.