October 24, 2011

Crowncrest Drive<--My side project.

I don't broadcast all of my art projects on this blog 
because when I work with other companies there are timelines I have to respect. 
and copyrights. and also sometimes projects fizzle out when you work with other people. so I wait until things are done to scream about them. 

I can tell you that I recently did some illustration work for a company and when that book is available I will throw it at you. In a very non violent way. Probably a light toss. 

Probably just hold out my arms and show it to you. 


You know MANY times I start talking to people who have ideas about collaborative work. 

and then, just like at a crowded wine and cheese party, 

I turn around and they're on their way out the door with a hunk of brie. 


But always. Always. 
I have side projects of my own. and big dreams for these side projects.

Metaphorically... all my little side projects are belted into my motorbike's sidecar. They take turns peeking out wearing sports goggles.

(I wish that sentence wasn't metaphorical)

And because they are mine. I can tell you about them. 

So here is one. 

It's called Crowncrest Drive.


Like I have said before. 

And continue to think:

These 'little me' drawings show up often...and say what's what. 

She tells it like it is. 

I think that if I mashed these cartoons together. and made them into a sandwich. (no mayo) I would call that sandwich / collection of drawings:



Because 8 is when your brain is at its best. and success can be measured by your ability to maintain that 8 yr old brain. 


I'm fairly certain on that. 

Scratch that. very certain.

Here is a Monday snack. 

A piece of Crowncrest Drive.



Anonymous said...

I. love. it.

want to see more!!

Judith said...

does this mean that my bookshelf will end up housing a gem of 8 year old masterpieces? I can't wait! (well, I'll wait, but it better not take more than 5 years)

Rhonda said...

my oldest is only 4. I'll patiently wait until she's 8 and keep this in the back of my head.

b. arthur heyman said...

i want to do marionettes with you in the belly of a whale

Debbie B. said...

Can't wait to see/hear more about it!

i love music. almost more than everything.