October 19, 2011

"Text me when you leave the office. I'll start hauling puppets outside"- me.


Excuse the blur of this shot. 

It is from a cell phone. and the little image traveled all the way across the United States.

And, in her defense,  my friend had no idea I was going to post this when she sent it to me.
(I have her permission though :) )

But I think it is of mad importance. For a few reasons.


1. the purse on her right arm. 

2. her smile. we aren't laughing at her. she's the one who aced it. and she knows.

this text was like a giant high five/ hug from this baby girl's momma.


I want to say- I am very aware of the support I get on a daily basis. 
such as the above picture.

the small emails. the tiny notes. 

the mention of.- oh, I read your blog. or- hey, what are you working on?

when someone asks my opinion regarding design in general. 

when someone sees something neat and thinks of me.

when my dear supporters spread the word about my work.

or buy me candy corn.

I am aware of it all. and how lucky I am.

that people get me.


So if you get me. 

you will get the scene below. 
and realize. you are supporting a crazy person. 

I mean.  

Someone obviously cool. 

I occasionally break out in a sweat when I carry my work around publicly. 

1- because it is heavy or awkward to carry. 
2- because when you make work you love... then watch people see it. you may as well be naked.

Especially when my work is out of context. 
Like- puppets on the street. 
        ( good name for a show.)

My talented photography friend Becca Hankins
 snapped images of me with some of my creatures the other afternoon.

these guys didn't make the cut.

I present- My life.

What you don't see. 

are the cars and people walking through the alley the entire time.

No Wait. Yes you do.



Excuse me, sir. 

Look. at. Dodgson. the rabbit. being awesome.


And. if I could rewrite my high school paper. It would go something like this...

When I grow up I want to be:




Any commenter on the previous post will be entered to win the 2 handmade cards!
so---> COMMENT!!! 
I will randomly select the winner.

it seriously overjoys me. and adds so much to the blog. so thank you for any comment. 





Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog, love your work, love your spirit. Thank you so much for blogging...

Amanda said...

"because when you make work you love... then watch people see it. you may as well be naked."

THANK YOU for writing those words! I've felt it, but didn't know how to say what I felt.

I love the pictures of you with your friends in an alley. Perfect!

Shar Shar said...

You and your alley friends look like my kind of crowd. Love you all! I have declared myself ineligible for the contest, but would love to purchase some of your cards. Keep following that heart.
Shar Shar

i love music. almost more than everything.