October 3, 2011

October is my favorite.

I don't work in an office anymore. 
News flash right? Apparently to me.

 Every Monday I realize this and have a small moment when the alarm goes off and I - 


So when I need inspiration and order. 

I have some places that help.

Um, hi.

I love libraries.

They smell like Southern Aunts' perfume. And I have a lot of Southern Aunts.


I think because my brothers and dad always read so much, it feels homey staring at books.


The library is like the fabric store.
It looks like everything is possible all at once.

And I am overly enthusiastic about the 219012 options.
For five seconds, I want to read a book on welding. and jazz. at the same time.

Bookstores are the same way.

But, look (via terrible cell phone pic) what I found at the bookstore last week...

Dude, I say put food and money on those shelves. not more colored pencils.

Because,  I am an artist.
And, I would totally prefer there to be french toast on those shelves as opposed to another spiral notebook.



I plan on absorbing THIS month.
because the last time it was here was 11 months ago. (yeah.)


Oh the seasonal decorating has started.

Cut paper leaves 
hot glued on string as garland. 

Make tons and overlap them so that no string shows. 
I used different color browns to show off their shapes. 

trace leaves if you need to 

But for the love.  put them everywhere.

to bring the outside. in.

Needless to say. I go outside a lot.

And this weekend, a lady who lives in a charming place down the street was BLASTING classical music and watering her plants. 

She said - Hello! 

And I said - It sounds amazing in your house.

because it did. 

So, I think we are best friends now.

And while this is not my house...

It is screaming FALLLLLLL.

I have fall candles going crazy in here.
it smells like we are swimming in cider while icing cinnamon buns and cooling pound cake. 

And it is time to bring out all of the  cold weather gear.

And. seasonal mugs.

But let's be honest.

This mug never goes away.


 poor guy is cracked everywhere and needs monster friends.

So start celebrating October. because you are three days late.


But I wasn't late. I started early by visiting a brand new baby boy.

and that pretty much trumps anything on your "to do" list.

I mean. Look at him.

And,  his sweet parents.

I love them

A new baby in the fall. seriously. How perfect.


And in honor of my favorite month:



P.S. if it matters.
and you like weird finds...

I fell onto this one song. and love these guys. they cover tons of songs. and I can't stop watching them.

Stuck like Glue

Another discovery: shake cinnamon into your coffee.



Edels said...

I used to get in trouble in 4th grade for getting out of line when our class walked around school. I would cut through the library to smell the books. I get it, girl. (<-- see what I did there?)

I liked your visualizations of Fall. I can't do that. I have to use words. But the reaction to those photos is instant. That is Fall.

Shar Shar said...

You are exactly where you should be - moving forward gracefully with your art although there are bumps in the road. Stay on your path which is inspiring to me personally.
Shar Shar

i love music. almost more than everything.