October 21, 2011

HAPPY FRIDAY- giveaway winner. and fall appreciation day (aka everyday)

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I had a giveaway a few posts ago.  HERE.

I asked,

What is your big love/ big dream?


Who do you want to encourage in their big love/ big dream?

Because I had two cards to give away.

One to you. and one to the person you want to encourage.

The responses were beautiful. 

Thank you.

I am very much amazed at the thought you put into the comments.

In my expectations, I sort of saw one-word answers. 

Maybe a tiny bit of elaborating. Maybe two people would comment... 

But these responses.

I heard you. 

I gasped a little at some of them.

I took the liberty of pulling pieces together here...


Your dreams. are fantastic.Your guts to voice them. more fantastic.

...I'm gonna tell you what my big dream is even though I'm too chicken to tell anyone else.

...My dream is to be a hospice nurse someday and to hold people's hands who are dying with such a tangible hope in God's redemption that they can believe then, even if they never did before.

...Someday I'll get the courage to work on it, not only for me but for my 2 little girls.

...I love museums. It’s kinda crazy, I know...I run after museums because I know I can help museums make a difference in the life of someone who needs it. Maybe I can help a community become a greater part of the information the museum presents about them.

 ...I LOVE my girls. I never thought that I would be in this sort of place in life. Everything else seems to take second place

...I would love to encourage children to find their passions

...my 1 dream that I've been working towards for a while now is to find a way for my French skills and physical therapy knowledge to come together to serve medically for a week or 2 annually as a PT in Africa. 

...My big dream is to figure out my dreams... does that make sense?

...My big love right now is a hefty combination of a multitude of small ones. 

...for my daughters to foster an obsessive sisterly love for each other. Make them laugh, look carefully at small flower buds, feel bark, and try to make condo-life a magical mysterious cacophony of life...

And then my sweet husband, whose patient love endures my failings, exhaustion, lame dinners, and frizzy hair...to notice, appreciate, and love him fearlessly.

...writing my own recipes and someday maybe having a little pie cookbook. I love the idea of people enjoying and sharing something I helped them to be able to do. 

And the people you want to encourage? I do too.

...I strive to be the mom she is!

...there is one guy I know who is desperately unhappy because his life isn't matching him right now, he is drinking too much, but he is at breaking point and I know he will choose life. He is the one I would encourage.

...My dream for (my children) is that they would be passionate people with dreams of their own and believe they can achieve those dreams.

...she has the perfect personality, patience and passion to teach them and make a huge difference in their lives. I know that everyone lucky enough to have her as a teacher will also be taught a love of music.

...this girl Lives her life to the fullest, she is so comfortable in her own skin and she rocks the world in the most beautiful way!

...My sister, whose tireless love for her family works harder than I can imagine. I am proud to share the name momma with her.

...the more I think and pray about it, I want to tell him to go for it, make a step that I might be too afraid to make but that he is ready to trust God in. He's awesome, and he will change the world.

...My Dad: I wish he lived closer to us so he can learn that its ok to tell your kids that you love them.

To pick a winner I numbered pieces of paper to match the comment entries. And, I went old school here and put all of the entries in a bowl.





And drew number 5. (My sister was the witness. She liked this role.)



email abernathy.parade@gmail.com with the address you would like the cards mailed to! and your cards will be on the way. one for you. one blank for someone else. 

Whew. Thank you everyone.

Regarding October. Which is running away as we speak!
(Cell phone documentation is necessary.)

You can find me in the leaves this weekend. I sort of stay there.

I would enter this in the "most beautiful walk to coffee contest"

And because she jumped in my face. Here is a shout out to the best street graffiti.

Have a fantastic weekend. 

Today blogger will not let me choose any spacing on my own. After I publish the post edits... it enters 9308432 spaces between lines that I want to be single spaced. After trying to edit the entire post a thousand and four times... I am letting it be. Which is hard. And I am resisting the urge to try again. Just know. I did not hit enter 42 times between each phrase. 

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