February 3, 2012


Really honored to be asked questions. 

The post she put together so well. Is

I value her taste so much that it was really exciting to be included in her interview series. 


real life shoes of an artist that a- loves  certain things  until they literally dissolve.
and b- is a creature of habit that wont stop for a second to see a cobbler.




Anonymous said...

Loved the interview - you are getting a bit closer each day to where you want to go. I know you will get there and I so enjoy travelling with you on your blog.
Shar Shar

Nancy said...

Wow. Did you know that that post officially got 204 page views as of this very second? That might sound like a lame #, but that's my 5th all time highest viewed post. That's big news to me.

Thanks for your honest answers, and thank you, above all for spending long enough answering the questions to make the post real. You are awesome.

i love music. almost more than everything.