March 23, 2010

golden sweaters and golden lollipops

Support comes from unlikely places. Thank goodness.

Rushing from the office to the studio, I stopped by the bank.  But, I stopped by my old location and not the one I frequent now...

At my old bank stop there was this one teller who always got a kick out of what I was up to.

She mostly thought my name was interesting. because she's naturally cool. and, we were friends because she changes her hair pretty drastically on a regular basis. and I support that kind of artistic boldness.

she always liked that I could tell. even though she'd brush her hand through her hair and say... "eh. we'll see. tryin somethin new." small smile on the outside. large grin on the inside.

and there are times I love being called "honey" or "sweetheart"... because sometimes you need to hear it.  and it is completely appropriate coming from the Southern bank teller with a kind expression and a magenta blouse. 

so- before I realized it, I heard a familiar- "Well look who it is!! why haven't I seen you around here sweet girl?!!"

She was thrilled I swung into her lane. I was happy too. Because she wanted to know what I was working on. 

and she is magical- because without any incentive other than being smart and clever. she told me she had

a yellow lollipop that I needed. 

to go with my yellow sweater. 


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Jessi and Nic said...

Abby. I love your writing. It makes me really FEEL what you are saying. I got all nostalgic and happy like reading this post. I like you a lot. I think your heart is beautiful, and it is fun/neat/awesome/sweet/happy to see your heart through your writing.

i love music. almost more than everything.