March 29, 2010

Create a mocumentary that runs in a 10k: CHECK.

My main project for the last couple of weeks has been

And, let me explain a tiny bit.  

I joined forces with enthusiastic creative people here in town- because when you yourself are crazy, you look for crazy.  

I found it. 

RVA Curling is a costume team. We wanted to make a costume that went the extra mile. In this case... one that went 6.2 miles.

We made a costume that would run a 10K.

This is what a costume explosion looks like. 

check out videos. bios. pictures. etc.
and it's not over... a wrap up video is coming.

On the site, you can meet our team:

We love this city. So, we decided to celebrate it with a costume that turned into a mocumentary. is a group of 6 people that find it easy to go really far with an idea. Too far?  Yes. over board. and then some.

As an offshoot, we have sent true curling fans to a club that actually wants to see curling in the river city. Unique supporting Unique.

There is a lot of ambiguity in what we have done.

I will tell you this- I have curled.


and it was on pavement. with a giant oversized stone and nearly 40,000 runners whizzing by.

Hey- wait.. we passed some people. Talk about hard.

The guy(s) running as the stone. (switched at water stops) well- they never vomited. but we did lose a broom along the way. It was stolen when we got water. believe it.

Andddd I was pushed when the flag I carried for 2 of the miles took a man's hat off. He was angry. I didnt feel it. but the entire team saw. and said it was all kinds of awesome.

We shared the costume burdens and passed the target, flag, and stone. Changing out every two miles and jumping right back on the course.


We went to the runners packet pick up the night before the race dressed in full uniform.  When we were recognized, I screamed. 

twitter is our best friend.

we also love any shout out we have gotten. ever.

most common comment was "oh!. currrlinggg" and a slight smile. as the person felt they solved the puzzle of: WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?!

Robin gets a massage at the expo.

We curled 6.2 miles down Monument Avenue.

Stone chases the target the whole way. One giant launch that we kept moving through  the crowds...

This is the picture in the newspaper. mad happiness that we got in this formation in 9 seconds. we died.

Oh p.s. This was a pre race pasta load. AND when racing we got 2 shout outs of people that saw us at the restaurant and made the connection-  YOU GUYS ATE AT ARIANNA'S LAST NIGHT!! YEAHHHHH.

heck yes we did.

Some of how it happened:

quilted the flag. Champion team work.

behind the scenes filming the video:

best sign ever.

real city. real team.

real effort.

Want to see more of how over the top happens?

Late nights. Early mornings. and commitment to a dream.


We invented something from nothing.

Curling provided the Avenue to send crazy down... in blue checked pants and red headbands. and jackets we sewed and ironed into team uniforms. with running sculptures and a quilted flag.

This is a parading performance piece. 

That celebrates the artistic creativity working in our backyards... and running through our streets.

Go team.
Proud of you.



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Anonymous said...

Dag. How awesome. I am jealous. As everyone else should be;)

i love music. almost more than everything.