March 8, 2010

smells like a 3rd grade field trip

That is what it smelled like this morning on my way to the coffee shop. If you aren't sure what "field trip" smells smells like spring. it's slightly cold, but about to get warmer. and there is something exciting and different in the air bc it's not the feeling of a "normal" day. Also your eyes are a little tired because you didnt sleep the best the night before. probably bc you were excited about being abroad. ha. and slightly anxious about what group youd be placed in.

FYI- I decided to reclaim my mornings by waking up early. (early for me) and going to a coffee shop to get some work done. Or. working at the house before I head into my dayjob.

Note- my art career ("WHAT CAREER?!" see website:  relies on a dayjob I have. that has been good to me. and allows me to rent a studio. travel. buy supplies. eat. etc.  

But-I started to feel robbed of time and this has been a nice remedy.

I also found a nice way to work on my art career at lunch.

Dracula people.

This apple has bangs. dedicated to kim saady hewavita. bc she would have made the same artistic decision.


Everyone has to balance "career/This is who I am and the work I have to do" and obstacles.

Im still working on it.

But today, it smells like a field trip. and that means some new excitement is coming.

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