March 18, 2010

Make it work

In the morning, I usually get ready in 10 minutes once my feet hit the floor (may take years for them to hit the floor but thats not the point). I am not bragging. There is nothing cool about getting ready that fast, but it is the only way to maximize sleep and head out ASAP to my day job. 

So, I hang my head upside down and throw my hair into a knot without looking in the mirror until it is too late and my creation has been up there long enough to pass some live people. 

I'm usually all Miss Hannigan/Mrs. Lovett- like... at least I definitely was earlier this week when I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflective picture frame on my desk.  I thought I did some damage control when I noticed the state I was in while walking past my reflection in the hall.. but...yeah.. 

(Hannigan reference: ragged/crazy orphanage mother in Annie)
(Lovett reference: Sweeney Todd... need I say more) 

There are times in my day when I have to run outside for a breather. Today- out to my truck, to blast the music, and feel the sun. So that I know life is not gray like cube walls. and in life, you don't wear a head set.

sometimes I get milkshakes for the risk-taking coworkers. 

I love that JOY was the keyword on one of the flavors. real symbolic marker girl. you made my day more than you know. I love these treasure finds.

P.S.  a friend posted the link below in a genius move. Look at the similar boats. Hi team.

Some days I leave the day job, go to the gym, and get home in time to be irrationally tired. 

Other days, I kick it in high gear and get a lot of my art work done. 

I rush to my studio and build. 


this isn't my hobby. 

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