March 16, 2010

a good morning

It is a good morning. Because spring is slipping in through my curtains. The ones I vow to cover with light blocking shades, but can't follow through with because there is something about waking up to bursting light that makes me happy and reminds me of my Great Aunt Lolly's house. I thought only her house had that feature when I was little. and then I realized you too can do this with thin curtains. :) 

---By the way, you aren't rich if your family has a swing set. or Icee Pops in the fridge. Something I also misunderstood. some of you had both. I couldn't believe it. ---

My Spring is going to be a lot of work. 

Currently I am working on a team project that I will definitely post in a week. 

but I also need to get moving on this exhibition I dream of... Its a carnival/art show/installation/party. 

And... The doves are back. over the front door. 
Hampster Eyes and Delores. This will be their third time having babies with us! They must know my sister is a labor and delivery nurse.

 I also think they trust us. 

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kristin said...

Is that a peacock rug I see you sitting on?!


i love music. almost more than everything.