April 4, 2010

Happy Happy Easter.


Today is so alive. 

And after watching 8 mini violinists at our church breakfast this morning, I was reminded how much I love everything. 

Good thing I woke up and tied as many beautiful things around my wrist as I could.

Cornbread and black eyed peas remind me how much I love living in the South. 

so does my giant loud family and a pitcher of sweet tea. 

But art things are looking North.


On the project front- is a production in NY. 

Old Kent Road Theater will be at:

Produced by The Bushwick Starr
Performing Thursday - Saturday, May 13th - 15th and May 20th - 22nd
207 Starr Street between Irving + Wyckoff in Brooklyn, NY

There may or may not be a seeing eye dog puppet.

 (I always wanted to make one. So, I just said the word and it was written into a show. thrilled about the idea of a puppet leading a puppeteer.) 

AND he may or may not be coming by way of an electric turkey carving knife. 

 Also- He is French.


Other than this, I am reupholstering a chair. 

And I have no idea what I am doing. So it's going really well. 

Of course, it's my version of reupholstering. And, there is no telling what that will be like. 

I will say- there is a lot of hand stitching involved. 

And it is a Huge "collapse into it and read a book" sort of chair, so this will take a while.


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kristin said...

iiiiiiiiiiii can't wait.

i love music. almost more than everything.