April 30, 2010

I will tell you something if you promise....


to tell everyone else. 





My website is updated. 


Also- I wanted to show some Old Kent Road Theater photos from a past show.

 Photography by Ari Douthit. 

Show performed at Ontological-Hysteric Theater, East Village, NYC, July '09.

Stage floor design. And Puppet design.

the floor is painted faux wood and original drawings. 

it was a black floor.

then one night. it became the set.

for a really wonderful show.


want some color? 


Raise your hand if you would marry Prismacolor markers.

Hand raised. 

Current obsession: Ballet Pink. 

For the obvious reason. and because it is a specific color. The harder the color is to define, the more I will probably love it. But it cant be muddy or overly desaturated.  Meaning: It cant go super gray. or lose tooooo much of its identity. 

Yeah what? I love color.

Sort of like the way someone can be a coffee snob. 

I am a color snob. But Im nice. Just really picky and also really impressed by colors that are specific. Colors that cannot be seen everywhere. or easily duplicated.

Also meet:

she too loves Ballet Pink. 


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