April 1, 2010

"Late at night my mind would come alive with voices and stories and friends as dear to me as any in the real world. I gave myself up to it, longing for transformation." ~ Jo March, Little Women

There are a lot of misconceptions about creativity. A lot of those misconceptions end up affecting opportunities for younger generations.

I will spare you my soapbox parade about my passion for public education. I will spare you my soapbox parade about my passion for the arts.

But read this article below. I think it makes a lot of strong points. and I am glad there are people writing these types of articles.

It makes me smile for the future.

I want arts in the schools.

But not to keep kids happy or entertain kids as much as to make them think. By encouraging a student to think- well- you get amazing problem solvers and go doers.

We need a lot of those. A lot more of those.

Read this.


Hopefully, even unrelated to this topic, you are moved by something to the point of doing something about it. Once I thought it was going really far to contact law makers and government officials. Now, I can't imagine being content as a spectator.

I'm lucky. My dad hauled us to local musicals way past our elementary school bedtimes. And my mom encouraged us to create bicycle towns in our back yard. But every child doesn't get that.

And every child should.


*note re: bicycle towns--- this was a fully functioning city plan we constantly created and edited with leaves, rakes, sticks, and occasionally a shovel from the minute we got home until dark in the back yard. It was complete with working roadways and a food store - all mud products. We weren't told to stop touching the grass or stop tying things in trees etc. To other people, our backyard was gray and dirtcovered. to us... it was an intricately planned town. I support letting your kids go nuts... to an extent. of course. You should never let them go to college and come home with a giant Duck Sculpture for the front yard. or should you?

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