April 14, 2010

It is unjust to sit in one chair for 9 hours.

When I emailed the above to my mother re: my office job she said -     "You are unjust."

Some of my expressions rub off on her I think....hmmm... I would have said that.

Our email conversations are the best because she shortens everything and mashes it all together.

exhibit a-    "I can't believe that happened to you .That is crazy. I have to shower. "  <----and thats it!

thats the entire email.

And, I normally email her complaints. such as- "I cannot stay at work any longer. aghhhh. sos"

To which she once said the best comment ever-

" Hi Pixie Dust. One must work to eat. "

Tough Love. short and to the point. and I mostly died that she called me pixie dust.  and just like that,  I can tolerate a few more hours. 


Things are not always as they seem at this dayjob of fluorescentpaperwork.

Like Lunch...




And then lunch is over....

IMPORTANT NOTE: when you get up from your desk, take off your headset. GETS ME EVERY TIMMMEEEE... it's like a violent car accident. I recover. Then I do it again...

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