April 9, 2010

What do you mean... at the studio?

I mean this. 


Here are some of the creatures that are still in process. and crowding me. This is a sneak peek. 


This guy is actually really really tall, but he is resting his head here.

This guy is going to be choreographed...

and recently. because there is no internet connection there, I have been bringing DVDs.  

 I am spoiled with the sun, giant windows, tools, creatures, and 

here ~ Triplets of Belleville. 

Seriously. let's talk about beautifully drawn characters. and attention to tiny genius details. 

speaking of the French... 

Now here is the seeing eye dog as he is getting ready for his trip to NY. 

more pictures soon. because, I left my camera charger in Chicago. My 1 yr old nephew just mailed it back.  he is always keeping me on track. 

Thanks Jack. 

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