June 12, 2010

Headache Awareness Week

I learned two important things yesterday.

1. We passed a Health Center and the marquee let everyone know: 

a- that is amazing
b- this marquee is solely responsible for bringing awareness to headache awareness week. which is a week bringing awareness to HEADACHES. someone?!  who is at the wheel of this operation?
c- is there a way to confirm it is for serious a WEEK that is legit. I mean... I feel like tomorrow I could say it is "POOR ARTIST AWARENESS WEEK"... if it were, the gift bags would have Ramen in them. and prisma markers. and gluesticks---> BECAUSE i have never once had enough. Similar to the chapstick phenomenon. Buy 3. Lose 2. Use 1. Leave it at home. Lips on fire all day at work.
Same idea with glue sticks. Buy 3. Lose 2. Use 1. Leave cap off. and BAM, you have that non glue consistency similar to dried rubber cement. and now you have tons of things that need to be stuck to other things, but no means by which to do so!  Crisis.

2. Sometimes you just need to walk away.

I was starving. and hurrying. and realized all of a sudden, I was catatonic. I stood in front of this stuff for literally 20 min!  literally. more like 30. what makes me look less idiotic?... yeah.. thats how long I stood there. (coughcough, close to an hour, what?...) 

I did walk away. 

I just had to fully consider every possible use for each of these first. 

My only regret is not buying any of them. But there were loose sequins on sale. and if you know anything about life, you know you buy sequins on sale. 


It is ok. I already own one head band that makes everything better.

ahahahhaha my friends. 


Speaking of friends, I had dinner with a friend to catch up and talk about artistic collaboration.

When he left I felt intellectually exhausted. Which means it was challenging and encouraging conversation. And, as always, I am thankful for all feedback and for friends that are on their own artistic pursuit.

We both dream of full time creative work. He is doing it now- Pacific Coast style. I am still shoving my art work in every crack that doesn't have Dayjob labeled on it.

We also both dream of challenging ourselves to

develop the work we are passionate about.

I will post more about our collaboration as it progresses.


But, because he is amazing, he is also going to get some pieces from me that will be considered for use in work he is showing. 

Our style and taste is similar. And when he walked in my studio he gave me a giant hug and smiled. 

We have come a long way since high school. 
And it felt like we saw each other on the Oregon Trail, made eye contact that was saying, "Yeah, this road can be a bitch right?" smiled, pushed the covered wagon out of the mud, and kept going. 


Oh. Want to see my current state of mind? In honor of headache awareness week, I have been celebrating as if I knew about it all along by overbooking my brain. and drinking more coffee than usual to combat the lack of sleep.

I found this on the table. Realizing I had drawn it in a state of anguish, I thought it should be posted. There should be consequences for my actions. 


But, from the looks of this, I seem to have a plan... and the outcome looks fantastic.


And, I must be wearing a shirt dress. aha.

(The me at the end has coffee jitters. Typical)


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