June 21, 2010


Today I fell for the voice at the gas station pump who said, "Come inside..."

I'm a little nervous at how easily I was persuaded this morning. aha. 

But, she was right.

And my coffee cup says SeriousJava, We're Serious About Coffee.
And I support that...being serious about your line of work.

This is also neat. A reporter came to my studio and we talked for a good while.

Then, poof:



Ren M said...

aaaand now you're famous :)

kristin said...

Every time I try to watch this video I am REJECTED because I don't have flash on my work computer. It is making me crazy.

I want to see you on the big screen. I WANT TO SEE YOUR MOVIEEEEEE!

Stringing Sentences said...

Finally saw it. YOU NAILED IT!!

i love music. almost more than everything.