June 8, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I'm overwhelmed.

I am extremely (                                                 ).
                       insert most any adjective here.


I like to understand everything.

At work, people shoot around vague phrases like

"If I can key into her computer..."


"Let me request that from the system."

I am cool with those phrases since I know they are vague for, "hold on... I need a minute longer to complete a task. and this sounds like I am working on it."

I am not so cool with other vague things. things art related.
I want to be in the know. I want to be current and marketable.

So I am always working on that, but it overwhelms me as I go.

At such times,

I revert quickly to childhood comfort food.

Note Gray nails

When I got to the office and my nails matched the file cabinets I sort of loved it. It cracked me up. If I named  this color it would be Cubicle Crimson.

See it isn't crimson at all. that's the funny part.

OK. just me?...


Regardless of whether or not I "get" everything,

Like theatrical terms that really just mean "the sheet hanging from the ceiling."
sculptural supplies that are chemical names for "what people use to make features on taxidermied animals"

Hey, computer software is like a monster to me. but I want to be friends with monsters

so this should be no different. and will be. no different.

Regardless of all that, I keep working.


And post purple horsehoes and golden rainbows, chin up, I go back to rocking out.


The Carousel Series

Massively kind feedback from friends that see these guys in real life.

It is encouraging, since I have been looking at them for some time now. I work on them in spurts of energy.

Sometimes before work. Sometimes super late at night. Sometimes they ride to Chicago in a makeshift portfolio.

But then I dont work on them so much because I have to soak up this guy.

A nephew of dreams.


My goal is to complete the series and pick an amazing coffee shop to display them in.

Displaying them is an issue. Framing and what not- because they should be archival, but the surface should be super visible. And distracting framing is the first sign that the artist is a little off design-wise.
Hi, I'm judgemental. I cant help it sometimes.


 These pieces are done with ink and thread. There is fabric throughout them as well.

Drawing is the foundation of every art form.

Because, it can be translated as ~ the ability to see.

"I can't draw"

Ew. I hate when people say that. Because they can.
(Most people say that because they mean well. they think it is a nice response to, "I'm an artist". It's like the "Good" that impulsively jumps out of your mouth when someone says "How are you?")

Most people can draw. They just dont do it often... or they dont describe what they are doing with a drawing vocabulary. It's like any other language.

also-I am in love with it.

Usually- "I can't draw"  means I can't make something look like it does in real life.

You could though.

If you really saw what you were drawing.
And sometimes, yes, that takes training. sometimes, yes, it is natural. allthetimes, yes, you have to try.

The same thing goes with dancing. or throwing a softball. Everyone doesn't develop the same skill or ability. Anyways. I tend to soapbox about things.
 One of them is drawing.

Also may I just say that I'm most interested in design.

but good drawing. and good design. are not always the same thing.


What I wanted to get to was that sculpture is also drawing.
Just like drawing, sculpture is the definition and choreography of space.

The main difference is that you arent solving the same exact problems in drawing and sculpture. For example, you have to figure out balance in both, but in different ways.

And, with the sewing element, these drawings creep a little closer into the sculpture world.


They are also mini lessons and celebrations. I should look at them more to remind myself to chill out.

but work hard.

Ok ok. no need to yell.


When in doubt, dig a little farther in the corner of "what you know" - in that place where you are comfortable. Because soon enough you will hit ground no one has hit.

and youll be you.

which is better than chasing trains.

so ride beside them.

but fast.


Amal said...

this is kind of the greatest blog post in the universe.

Kelsey said...

two things:


2) this post is very timely for me because i'm reading judy blume's "summer sisters" in which carousels and "getting it" are oft discussed. and its judy blume, so that's great too.

3) I want to see these in person sometime!

whoops, that's 3 and I said it'd only be two - my bad.

i love music. almost more than everything.