June 2, 2010

Look up.

If for no reason other than to find small dogs on window sills.

I think he is inspirational for standing out on a ledge. 
(I think his owner should not let him do that)

But, we can all learn a thing or two from him: 
one- small dogs with tight bods are hilarious. 
two- be confident and alert. take risks.


Every day when I drive to my office job I picture the drive as the opening credits to a movie. You know how the camera films from way up high over the interstate.
It zeros in on the clumsy girl carrying too much to her truck.

I'm waiting for the plot twist.


Driving to work is a reality. But so is the fact that I build creatures in my studio and my home.

Thank goodness.

So I have to focus on that. The work I am passionate about. The design I am passionate about.

I think the combination of beautiful and eerie is fascinating. It's like tightrope walking.
 Odd is captivating.

Like this

Or this

Also, when you are going somewhere...you can't predict everything. Like when you will discover that your drawing is on someone else's blog.

In Norway. 

And a wonderfully tasteful and smart blog too. Sharp.

Look for my drawing, Excuse Me While I Have a Love Affair with the Sun.


Someone even commented "Herlig bilde" which means "wonderful picture."
For some reason, it means a whole lot in Norwegian.

P.S. I sold the original, Excuse Me While I Have a Love Affair with the Sun to a good home in Colorado. but I made some prints of it before it left town. Contact abernathy.parade@gmail.com if you want to buy one. Like the original, each print has sewn thread elements as well. So each is slightly different. One of the prints is already in a home in NY. They are approximately 7.5" x 8.5"

The prints are going for 50.00 plus shipping.

Carry on.

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Jannicke said...

Hi :o)
Thank you for your sweet greeting on my blog! The translation went very well! At first, I thought it was from a norwegian blogger! I could easily read every word.
Yes, I really love your pictures. They are so nice, cildish (in a good way) and full of life.
I am suprised you found me and my blogg! Did anyone tips you?

I hope you can read my english.

Wish you a happy day :o)


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