June 29, 2010

Birthdays are once a year.


I took a break for my


check out my cake.

for my birthday,
I got a drawing tablet for my computer.

!!!! you just witnessed my first drawing on it !!!!


This means one thing.

"One Ticket for GOING PLACES..... please."

believe you me. I have more posts coming sooner than later. 

I took a vacation for my BIRTHDAY. 

chilled a minute on projects and plans.

But I am excited about getting back in the swing of things. waking up early and going to bed late again. It's already started. and I feel more like me. I think I'll go rest my head for a minute.


Currently I am very thankful. For my family. my friends. and singing IT'S MY PARTY AND I'LL CRY IF I WANT TO at karaoke. 

Birthdays should feel more special than normal days. 

Mine did. 


Seriously. stay tuned. 

...if you're into puppets. and drawings... and if you've ever tried to get somewhere by alternate transportation (blog title reference strikes again), or if you're just awesome.

June 21, 2010


Today I fell for the voice at the gas station pump who said, "Come inside..."

I'm a little nervous at how easily I was persuaded this morning. aha. 

But, she was right.

And my coffee cup says SeriousJava, We're Serious About Coffee.
And I support that...being serious about your line of work.

This is also neat. A reporter came to my studio and we talked for a good while.

Then, poof:


June 16, 2010

Easier to breathe

Hey Summer.

I totally recognize you.

And how you trick me into thinking that days are in fact hours longer. 

And how you remind me that carrying flowers home on a bike takes top priority.


In another different but very similar world I am still focusing on getting work done.

I am the good kind of exhausted.


Lots of studio time lately. And a lot of that time is spent organizing.


I am happy to say that it is a crowded little space. 

But in all seriousness 





Some creatures are trying to escape from my studio.


Also, a lot of my time is used for documentation.

Documentation allows the work to live on past the performance. Or, it gives my work a life outside of the little studio that could.


This is when puppets or creatures aren't so much... in context.

This is when I run into wonderful people. or lame ones.


I think that if someone does their job amazingly, then you really should let someone in their company know. This belief makes me feel approximately 52 years old.

But, yes I do report wonderful employees. I'm gonna report the girl who helped me print images today.

I stayed up way too late working on editing images and getting them to certain online shopping carts only to find out they would be ready in 7 - 11 business days, or that they were not suitable in the sizes I wanted.

Oh, THEY ARE.  Because kickass employee Jane told me so. I named her Jane because thats what all cool girls are named. DONT tell me about a bad Jane. I wont hear of it.

 Jane let me come back behind the counter to view the images because I get a case of the crazies when I can't see what's going on. 

and NO I didnt ask to go back there. She understood I may want to see what she was doing, so she invited me.


Also. Shes working it all out in ONE day. And without changing any integrity of the image. And she offered better paper than employee x from months ago at the same location. I wont even name her because she was so apathetic about helping the world with their printing needs.

insert image of apatheticness.

(Awesome. I left the above note for myself when writing this entry. I am totally leaving it as a note. The images you put there probably rule.)

There was also this one guy that helped me at another place this morning. It was too early for him to give his all to my charade. I wish I could have taken a picture though as he went under a table to find where to plug in my zip drive. He came out..went back in...squirmed back out... And by the time he was under there another time, I threw up the white flag and peaced out.

I always think it is weird when someone gives 100 percent of half of their efforts. All that crawling around. But, he blatantly was not going to try and print what I really needed. He just kept pointing to prices as if it would distract me. And, when he said the total was under $5.00 I knew he was avoiding my requests. (p.s. Jane notified me of ways to save money. that's just another fact about her.) He was thrilled when I said ok ok I will try another place. I was thrilled too because there was an iced latte in the car. and the ice was melting.


And, because this blog is about my artistic pursuit and what happens on them:

I should add that I had a rough go of it in the morning. So, for some reason I felt it was necessary to overshare at the coffee shop.

(I'm telling you. I tranced out last night averaging totals and sizes and, before I knew it, the hours were in the single digits. The hours between 10pm - 5am pass in triple time. All-nighter-pullers know this. severely. and when I find the person behind this...)

So, in my swollen eyed state I let the coffee shop worker know I was unable to pick out what I wanted to eat and "life was really difficult today."

Then I felt the need to tell everyone who heard me that I meant that in a superficial way. And I only stopped talking because I ordered the multi grain bagel.

The lady who handed me my drink announced the name as
"one latte to make today easier!"

Um... excuse me.. I gotta get .. to the counter.. um. That's me.


this is me too.

Meet my new safety addition.

I have to use a respirator because my respiratory system told me so.
I will spare you the details.

But you can breathe so well in these!

My miniature claustrophobia attack, when I felt I was being suffocated and restrained, let me know I cannot fight fires or scuba dive.


Never knew this about myself, but my heart had a little dance party when I saw the cartridges were pink.

Who am I?

 oh yeah. I remember now. 

For storage purposes, I have this puppet in a chair. And now he works at the table with me.


I think something would be wrong if I didn't love the work I make.

And oh, I do.


But then, someone politely asked me to leave.




But when I turn off the lights and all this craziness is quietly staring back at me.

I am exhausted,

but content.


June 12, 2010

Headache Awareness Week

I learned two important things yesterday.

1. We passed a Health Center and the marquee let everyone know: 

a- that is amazing
b- this marquee is solely responsible for bringing awareness to headache awareness week. which is a week bringing awareness to HEADACHES. someone?!  who is at the wheel of this operation?
c- is there a way to confirm it is for serious a WEEK that is legit. I mean... I feel like tomorrow I could say it is "POOR ARTIST AWARENESS WEEK"... if it were, the gift bags would have Ramen in them. and prisma markers. and gluesticks---> BECAUSE i have never once had enough. Similar to the chapstick phenomenon. Buy 3. Lose 2. Use 1. Leave it at home. Lips on fire all day at work.
Same idea with glue sticks. Buy 3. Lose 2. Use 1. Leave cap off. and BAM, you have that non glue consistency similar to dried rubber cement. and now you have tons of things that need to be stuck to other things, but no means by which to do so!  Crisis.

2. Sometimes you just need to walk away.

I was starving. and hurrying. and realized all of a sudden, I was catatonic. I stood in front of this stuff for literally 20 min!  literally. more like 30. what makes me look less idiotic?... yeah.. thats how long I stood there. (coughcough, close to an hour, what?...) 

I did walk away. 

I just had to fully consider every possible use for each of these first. 

My only regret is not buying any of them. But there were loose sequins on sale. and if you know anything about life, you know you buy sequins on sale. 


It is ok. I already own one head band that makes everything better.

ahahahhaha my friends. 


Speaking of friends, I had dinner with a friend to catch up and talk about artistic collaboration.

When he left I felt intellectually exhausted. Which means it was challenging and encouraging conversation. And, as always, I am thankful for all feedback and for friends that are on their own artistic pursuit.

We both dream of full time creative work. He is doing it now- Pacific Coast style. I am still shoving my art work in every crack that doesn't have Dayjob labeled on it.

We also both dream of challenging ourselves to

develop the work we are passionate about.

I will post more about our collaboration as it progresses.


But, because he is amazing, he is also going to get some pieces from me that will be considered for use in work he is showing. 

Our style and taste is similar. And when he walked in my studio he gave me a giant hug and smiled. 

We have come a long way since high school. 
And it felt like we saw each other on the Oregon Trail, made eye contact that was saying, "Yeah, this road can be a bitch right?" smiled, pushed the covered wagon out of the mud, and kept going. 


Oh. Want to see my current state of mind? In honor of headache awareness week, I have been celebrating as if I knew about it all along by overbooking my brain. and drinking more coffee than usual to combat the lack of sleep.

I found this on the table. Realizing I had drawn it in a state of anguish, I thought it should be posted. There should be consequences for my actions. 


But, from the looks of this, I seem to have a plan... and the outcome looks fantastic.


And, I must be wearing a shirt dress. aha.

(The me at the end has coffee jitters. Typical)


June 8, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I'm overwhelmed.

I am extremely (                                                 ).
                       insert most any adjective here.


I like to understand everything.

At work, people shoot around vague phrases like

"If I can key into her computer..."


"Let me request that from the system."

I am cool with those phrases since I know they are vague for, "hold on... I need a minute longer to complete a task. and this sounds like I am working on it."

I am not so cool with other vague things. things art related.
I want to be in the know. I want to be current and marketable.

So I am always working on that, but it overwhelms me as I go.

At such times,

I revert quickly to childhood comfort food.

Note Gray nails

When I got to the office and my nails matched the file cabinets I sort of loved it. It cracked me up. If I named  this color it would be Cubicle Crimson.

See it isn't crimson at all. that's the funny part.

OK. just me?...


Regardless of whether or not I "get" everything,

Like theatrical terms that really just mean "the sheet hanging from the ceiling."
sculptural supplies that are chemical names for "what people use to make features on taxidermied animals"

Hey, computer software is like a monster to me. but I want to be friends with monsters

so this should be no different. and will be. no different.

Regardless of all that, I keep working.


And post purple horsehoes and golden rainbows, chin up, I go back to rocking out.


The Carousel Series

Massively kind feedback from friends that see these guys in real life.

It is encouraging, since I have been looking at them for some time now. I work on them in spurts of energy.

Sometimes before work. Sometimes super late at night. Sometimes they ride to Chicago in a makeshift portfolio.

But then I dont work on them so much because I have to soak up this guy.

A nephew of dreams.


My goal is to complete the series and pick an amazing coffee shop to display them in.

Displaying them is an issue. Framing and what not- because they should be archival, but the surface should be super visible. And distracting framing is the first sign that the artist is a little off design-wise.
Hi, I'm judgemental. I cant help it sometimes.


 These pieces are done with ink and thread. There is fabric throughout them as well.

Drawing is the foundation of every art form.

Because, it can be translated as ~ the ability to see.

"I can't draw"

Ew. I hate when people say that. Because they can.
(Most people say that because they mean well. they think it is a nice response to, "I'm an artist". It's like the "Good" that impulsively jumps out of your mouth when someone says "How are you?")

Most people can draw. They just dont do it often... or they dont describe what they are doing with a drawing vocabulary. It's like any other language.

also-I am in love with it.

Usually- "I can't draw"  means I can't make something look like it does in real life.

You could though.

If you really saw what you were drawing.
And sometimes, yes, that takes training. sometimes, yes, it is natural. allthetimes, yes, you have to try.

The same thing goes with dancing. or throwing a softball. Everyone doesn't develop the same skill or ability. Anyways. I tend to soapbox about things.
 One of them is drawing.

Also may I just say that I'm most interested in design.

but good drawing. and good design. are not always the same thing.


What I wanted to get to was that sculpture is also drawing.
Just like drawing, sculpture is the definition and choreography of space.

The main difference is that you arent solving the same exact problems in drawing and sculpture. For example, you have to figure out balance in both, but in different ways.

And, with the sewing element, these drawings creep a little closer into the sculpture world.


They are also mini lessons and celebrations. I should look at them more to remind myself to chill out.

but work hard.

Ok ok. no need to yell.


When in doubt, dig a little farther in the corner of "what you know" - in that place where you are comfortable. Because soon enough you will hit ground no one has hit.

and youll be you.

which is better than chasing trains.

so ride beside them.

but fast.

June 3, 2010

Keep the best friends by you.

Sometimes the worst happens.

Today we will be celebrating Michael Bolden 

Always welcoming.Always sweet.Always respectful.Always kind.

I am so lucky to have kind and sweet friends.
and friends that respect my work. and support me.

I will miss you Bolden.


Artistic pursuits. and life. Well, they aren't possible alone.


June 2, 2010

Look up.

If for no reason other than to find small dogs on window sills.

I think he is inspirational for standing out on a ledge. 
(I think his owner should not let him do that)

But, we can all learn a thing or two from him: 
one- small dogs with tight bods are hilarious. 
two- be confident and alert. take risks.


Every day when I drive to my office job I picture the drive as the opening credits to a movie. You know how the camera films from way up high over the interstate.
It zeros in on the clumsy girl carrying too much to her truck.

I'm waiting for the plot twist.


Driving to work is a reality. But so is the fact that I build creatures in my studio and my home.

Thank goodness.

So I have to focus on that. The work I am passionate about. The design I am passionate about.

I think the combination of beautiful and eerie is fascinating. It's like tightrope walking.
 Odd is captivating.

Like this

Or this

Also, when you are going somewhere...you can't predict everything. Like when you will discover that your drawing is on someone else's blog.

In Norway. 

And a wonderfully tasteful and smart blog too. Sharp.

Look for my drawing, Excuse Me While I Have a Love Affair with the Sun.


Someone even commented "Herlig bilde" which means "wonderful picture."
For some reason, it means a whole lot in Norwegian.

P.S. I sold the original, Excuse Me While I Have a Love Affair with the Sun to a good home in Colorado. but I made some prints of it before it left town. Contact abernathy.parade@gmail.com if you want to buy one. Like the original, each print has sewn thread elements as well. So each is slightly different. One of the prints is already in a home in NY. They are approximately 7.5" x 8.5"

The prints are going for 50.00 plus shipping.

Carry on.

i love music. almost more than everything.