July 8, 2013

the stars.

When your balance is off you sometimes need to work really hard 

at less working. 

wait. that may be terrible advice. 

I am not sure yet.

Except. I picked a job where playing is also working. 

Just with the responsibility of recording.writing.making.and absorbing. 

and growing... really. I think that is the point. To always be growing. 

*more on the details of this later. i have 392103 projects to update about.


and by "picked a job"  I mean... 

jumped into the deep end with the responsibility to keep my head up and answer for it everyday. 


answering to MYSELF. 
not to other people.


 I have had one too many conversations with people about how they want to do something ELSE.

But they dont. 

 I dont ever want to be discontent 

knowing that I could possibly change things.
to be happier. 

but not actually doing that.


In the name of work.

I am doing a lot of dancing and swimming and running and making sure that if there is grass around. 

I sit on it.

lets be honest. even dirt.

(Dirt means you are doing most things right.)

Except when those ants attacked. 

That was cruel. 

and if we are allowed to throw metaphors into the street. I will be the first to do it- 

you guys.


I mean. 


                        I have a sick amount of doubts 

                                                         but they are always trumped by the amazing things. 


 on here. when I talk about carrying puppets and how funny it is...

In real life. I actually have to open my front door and walk them down the sidewalk while people pretend they don't notice. 

sometimes I feel like.. ummm. eerrrr


I gotta really believe in this thing. 


What I am doing with my life. 


And I do. 

but that means a LOT of filling up. 

And I am knee deep in appreciating the heck out of every day.

i just caught this out of the corner of my eye.

rainbow world.

this is an angel baby you will most definitely hear more about.

And the summer. that is when I stare at the sky. 

And relax.


knowing that I can make anything happen. 

if I am not afraid.




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i love music. almost more than everything.