July 3, 2018

choose where you reach

It is terribly powerless to see that children are being caged right here where we live. 

And if those semantics are disgusting to you. or intense. 

They should be. 

And let us pretend that they weren't children but human beings in general. 

It is still painful. 

We shiver at the idea of crate training a dog. 


Running for your life. 
Running for safety.
Running because you think it's the best you can do for yourself. your family. 
you run. 

you run for your freedom.


My heart is heavy for those who do not know the freedom that I know. 

My heart is heavy because I did nothing to deserve it. 


January 25, 2018

And I think to myself.

And I think to myself. Oil on canvas. 36"x36" 

There are occasional days where your work is acknowledged. 
But often it is by yourself. 

So do things that matter. Deep things. 
People are watching you. Even when you don't think so. 

And you have to love it. 
Because after someone high fives you. 

You go home alone carrying your little heart in your body.

ALSO TERRIBLY DELAYED. cause it is today! 



January 17, 2018

little (big)

I'm on an introspective trek right now because well. 

Because I am a person. 

I try and figure out why I make things, teach, learn, care about what I am working on...

And I am noticing that it is consistently about depth.

and perspective makes all the difference. 
What you focus on.

you can stop at the hard stuff. or the sad. But those things are little (big) gifts that get you past the surface. into the depth where so much beauty and love exists.

There is only a breath between deep pain and deep joy.  

it is about reality. and how to see it.

And while some of my work lives in the imaginary realm, it is rooted in reality.

~ 4' x 6' oil on canvas (email for sale information)


sometimes real can be. or feel like. the worst.

loss is terribly painful.

suffering is hard to watch, or feel.

live longer than 30 seconds and surely you will encounter something terrible.

sometimes alone. sometimes as a group of people.

I am very disoriented when the leader of this country's government cultivates fear and encourages division.

I am sad.

and angry. 

there are still groups that feel they are above others.
and even some that feel hate. 


certainly the challenges and difficult times bring out the importance of love.

take up your heart. and make sure people know what it is made of.

Maybe first make sure you know what it is made of.

I am still figuring that out. but I know part of it is action.
and that is maybe a little part of why I make things.


great things are possible. and some things are probable. 

the best things are both. 

when you go do them. 


i love music. almost more than everything.