October 9, 2015

LIFE IS CRAZY. alice in wonderland. and THINGS ARE TURNING BLUE.

My best friend went on a date with Jafar. 

No really. 

We worked at Disney World and she met him at the bus stop. 

I think she went out with him maybe two times. Because. 




and things that are super surreal happen if you let them. 

or maybe some of us attract crazy. I dont know. 

I try to.


Lately things have felt very full. In a really good way.
and also
in a sleep-till-1-middle-schooler-tired kind of way.


I went to Roanoke VA. for a conference on placemaking.

It is a thing you guys.  Making places.

CITYWORKS (x)po 2015 was basically a series of talks back to back for three days.

There was a violinist that captivated me on the last morning and I thought... How do I end up at these places?


I was eating homemade doughnuts by a man who placed every one of them
on the table in the back.

And I had coffee and some fruit and was listening to the violin guy talk about creating an orchestra for students who may never have this kind of opportunity.

He got on a plane. one way. and figured out his calling.

Got it. and came home and has been

tearing it up.


There were also several people who I heard speak or who I met that were most interested in stepping in where people. adults and youth. are under connected.

They are interested in connecting.



I learned so many things that will spill out over time I am sure. But mostly I appreciated the hearts of the people there.

It usually boils down to that.

Identifying authentic hearts.
Thats what makes great people.

People I like to be near.

People I like to eat doughnuts with.


Also, I went to New York to meet and love on my niece.


best name right?

And She is
The Best.

Babies are reminders that
everything is so exciting.

We took her to Mood as soon as appropriate to get fabric for her Halloween costume.

I am the luckiest in the sister-in-law department.
Mine are extremely cool and love fun things.

They are both also very hard working and smart and I look up to them.



projects are picking up.

LIVE ART has started our new season.


Classes literally started this week. And it is crazy to see how we start and how we finish.

I have a couple other projects that are going on simultaneously.

But the big part of my life right now is


There is something very empowering about putting on a backpack.
Reading books.
Getting better at something.

It just fits in all of the spots I can squeeze it into.

School for me is an Interpreter Training Program
that will culminate in becoming a Sign Language Interpreter.


Life is so crazy.

I hope it keeps proving that to me.


i love music. almost more than everything.