November 23, 2012

iphone cover designs! and a BLACKFRIDAYSALE!!


iphone designs will be 100.00 through monday.

Because all the other internet people are doing it. 

consider it peer pressure :) 

and also. I want you to have these, give them as gifts. or carry one yourself!

see information below. and email me your order-


So. I am joining the world in the shopping craze. 
except I am selling something you can't get anywhere else but HERE.

WOOOOO, my new iphone covers are available today for a SALE PRICE.

They will also be around after today. totally get one. or 7.

but the cool thing about today is their price:

(thats 15.00 off.) 

GUYS. my illustrations on iphone cases. 


Here is how to order:


~ list these things ~ 

1. Which Illustration? ( choose Ready., Dare., or Watch.) 
2. Which iphone do you own? (3, 4, 4s, 5) 
3. Which case would you like? ( a)sleek and lightweight: BARELY THERE or b) slightly more protection: VIBE)
4. What is your mailing address?

*the three choice illustrations can be seen at the end of this post :) they are specially made to be carried with you. and close to you. 

When we receive your email order,
you will get a reply with paypal information. VERY EASY.

And you will get your case in the mail ASAP.

remember. This is a small little magic shop. but your case will be on the way once I get your order. I am pretty fast.
actually, I am very fast. because I panic when I get orders like I am playing a game of hot potato... and I'm real competitive. 


you'll be texting someone before you know it. 
with a drawing in your hands. 

and your friends will be like. um I am certain... you are officially the greatest.


Here are the 3 illustrations available now on your very own iphone case. to hold every day. close by.

1. Ready.


2. Dare.


3. Watch.






carry one with you.


and remember


~ list these things ~ 

1. Which Illustration? ( choose Ready., Dare., or Watch.) 
2. Which iphone do you own? (3, 4, 4s, 5) 
3. Which case would you like? ( a)sleek and lightweight: BARELY THERE or b) slightly more protection: VIBE)
4. What is your mailing address?

***get your email in before MIDNIGHT tonight. for the $100.00 sale. 
otherwise. after today. cases are available for $115.00 (no additional shipping unless ordering outside of the US)

November 21, 2012

QUICKDRAW 1- Full of Thanks

I have this new idea. for when I am busy. and overwhelmed. but need to post something.

because this blog is like a baby of mine. and if you leave a baby alone for a while it can self destruct. or get into your stuff.

and you can walk back in and it would be covered in blush, glue, and glitter. 

what? you carry that too right?


consider this me checking in every now and then to make sure this blog hasn't fallen into the fireplace or say....crushed goldfish into the entire den carpet. 

no. Im not a mom. I just have zillions of cousins. 2 nephews who fell out of the sky with wings on. and I nanny a lot. So I am familiar with crushed goldfish. yogurt hands. and drips of milk.




Im busy.  My website is on the brink of existing. and so while I am working on that. and some new drawings for iphone cases ( yay. coming on FRIDAYYYYY... for a sale :) keep watch!) 

I will start what I am going to call 


Where I draw something I need to draw. 

in under 10 minutes. 

heres the 1st. 

So if you see QUICKDRAW.  you cant really judge me. 

too much. because it took under 10 minutes.

QUICKDRAW-1- Full of Thanks.




I hope you are thankful. Despite what is going on in your life. 
I know it can be awful. but it can also be awesome. 

at the same strange time. 

Let it be.


Watch this. Is it weird that it almost made me cry? 

More later. 

......and i thought this was going to be quick. 

I think I am incapable of that......


November 14, 2012

Better Late Than Boring.

Halloween Recap. 

Better late than Boring.

I feel a certain amount of pressure when costumes are involved. 

Once I gave 200 percent to a costume 
and now. for the rest of my life. I feel the need to keep doing that. 

When I was 7 yrs old I wanted to be a nutcracker.  I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. I gave my mom specific instructions.
and we got gold fringe stuff. and I thought. 
Yes. This is it.

She humored me. and did exactly what I dreamed of. 

You guys. 

I was a nutcracker!

I wanted to be.

not Clara. no. 

a nutcracker.

In high school I was Rainbow Brite. and I wore rainbow painted dryer vent things on my arms all day. 

I knew then that it was always going to be- go big or go home. 

But I even knew before that.

When I was really small we made up plays and shows and then performed them for our parents or aunts or whoever was over that night. and there was a demerit system. My cousin and brothers would give us demerits for who knows what. but you went along with it because THIS WAS A SERIOUS PERFORMANCE PEOPLE.

there was a backstage area at my Great Aunt Lolly's house in North Carolina and you could see the stage (screen porch) from the backstage (bedroom) window.

it was real.



I am swamped with neat projects and career things. 

but I dont really believe in excuses for why I would show up on Halloween half- hearted. 

I tried even. But the day of a party I was like.


so I made something.

I got the materials a week before. when I had the intention of making time to sew something.

our house turns into a circus on Halloween. LITERALLY.

Last year we were people. 

This year. Animals.

Lion. and Tiger. and Bear. 

(pssssssst:  that was a white tiger in that shopping cart.)

But then I felt like the most important thing to do was make tissue paper ghosts. and fill our apartment with them.

the shadows. made me inappropriately happy.

Then it became clear that a circus awning took priority.

And who would not want to stay in every second if it felt like this.

but the reality is that. we have millions of trick or treaters.

umm. THIS GUY. I gave him extra candy.

We live on a street that believes in going overboard. So... theres a history here. of trekking out to our street on Halloween. 

Naturally. This is where I belong. 

on a road like this.

This year. Twizzlers were the best deal.

see. this is just a snapshot of the amount of people that fly through. for hours.

And the day I needed a costume. I got an iced coffee and locked myself to my sewing machine. 

It got Project Runway up in here real fast.

I was going to wear it with some things I already had, but before I knew it. I made an entire outfit.

I was really focused. and just kept sewing.

"Make it work." - Tim Gunn 

(I love that guy. too much)




ok. I have a year til next time right?

but I'm not naive. Something crazy will come up before then... I know this.


November 4, 2012

we arent the same.



i love music. almost more than everything.