June 27, 2017

Oh, the present.

I am on this artistic pursuit.  

It feels very important to me. and It feels like I am very responsible for so much. 

I think we all are. responsible for one another. 

for making things better. 

That is why I write and it is how I live. 

And often it means I am thinking about where I have been. And where I am trying to get. 

I never want to stop recording and loving yesterday. 
and I never want to stop throwing hope in the direction of my future. 

But man. I am really sitting in the lesson that is the present. 

Today my garden has new blooms that it didn't have yesterday. 

and that it will not have for too long. 

Unless they are my hydrangeas cause those are exploding.  and I can virtually hide in them. 
ok. I actually can get in them and hide. 

and have. 

Tonight I am in clean sheets and I have a cold. and I stayed up too late thinking about things. and I just finished ice-cream with sprinkles.

 and all of those specific things make right now very different from all other times. 


Because we have it. 

and because it probably is teaching us something. 

I am working on patience. so for me. thats probably it.


it is in my blood. 


I think sitting in the present is a huge part of learning to trust. 
and learning to rest in truth. 

So I am going to focus on those things. 

...after I listen to a few more songs and think about how sweet it is that the world all goes to sleep at night when things get quiet. 

I mean really. 

The present has so many glorious little parts. 

I will find more now.

and more, tomorrow.

June 14, 2017

banana crown.

So the past few months I have been swimming in LIVE ART work. and the show just happened. 

I am so exhausted and also very full. 

The show was wonderful and I will write more about that for sure. soon.

But, I have simultaneously been working on other things. finishing school. experiencing challenges. and crawling forward. Things are busy and it is great. but only because we choose to feel the victories. 

I choose. to.

i love music. almost more than everything.