May 25, 2011

I havent been able to stand for long periods of time.

this is ridiculous. 

im not 14. 

i have art to make. 

the pity party is over soon. 

and everyone is invited to the after party. 

which should include. rabbits. and confetti.


May 14, 2011

T SHIRTS. yes. finally. how exciting


I thought about doing this for so long. 
that seeing it in real life is cracking me up.

color: sand         size pictured: small

color: light blue

color: honey



Design- Follow Me

sizes- S. M. L.

colors- Sand. Light Blue. Honey.

Shirts are unisex. slightly fitted.

each $ 38.00

have stamps. will travel.

if you will be ordering long distance style- add 5.00 to cover online order and postage. :)

email- to order. 
and, if I don't have the one you want in stock, then it will be a tiny wait.



and while I am super excited about my drawings walking around, 

I am even more obsessed with everything my nephew does. 

like when he shows me something he drew. jetson style. from miles away.

well, it's all over. 

and he is explaining it to me. 

in 2 yr old talk.

mad love little man. please show me everything.

everything your little 2 year old heart wants to.


I'm entirely serious

thank goodness for capers and coffee.

Blogger has been down for a couple of days.

But see, I wrote a draft and saved it. and it disappeared during the down time. 


ok. it wasn't that amazing.

i will recover.

mainly because I had an open face onion bagel with capers and basil on it.

find the caper.

I got up and saw that. come now.

and someone in this coffee shop is singing ooh ooh child over the hip hop beats and i both like and hate it at the same time.



start over.


Hi, I have a lot of good intentions. To make some amazing things.

A lot of them are missing legs.

Seriously. Missing legs.

See. I get started. then see the sunshine or a stray piece of glitter and run in another direction.

 There are a billion things I am drawing right now. It's just that they are running around at their own free will.

and I haven't the discipline. 

I just keep conducting.

because as long as ideas and creatures are swimming around me.

that's good.


Because when I am blank.

or overwhelmed,

I dump my markers out like a 7 yr old's set of legos.

and they don't fit back in so well anymore.

And I go back to what I know.

(when I see art that I love. I celebrate it big time. 

Here with a giant frame and fabric mount. and yes. the artist signed it. because I emailed him about how much I adore his work. 

and his email back to me was sweet and encouraging. meant a lot.)

he signed it- Amos Paul Kennedy. 

He is good at what he does.


and I need to be inspired because I have important things to do.

Like teach.

yes. like looking in the mirror.

 I pretty much absorb the things my kids say.

A few favorites are,

"Ladies don't drive trucks."

"Ms. Abby, are you a professional?"


"this is what I call a beautiful thing" (said referencing a glazed doughnut)


And I remember. That I am thankful I have 29321312 things going on at once.

I wouldn't want. to miss. anything.


May 3, 2011

May flowers.


May starts off with a sweet holiday I can get behind.

(I always have prints available. but the original is with the original)


and look,
What a sweet idea on the street.

And beyond that. this entire month is trying to kidnap me. 

from where I should be.

(where the flowers are hand made.)


taking off on a sidewalk of dreams ~

(I'm completely unashamed of my metaphor. 

because I'm drunk on the sun and they can get a lot worse.)

heck yes my city knows how to celebrate May.

I like this girl. she has ideas.

tall dogs and tiny matching purses.

and the season,

it requires:


And a little rabbit never hurt anyone.

neither did a big rabbit.

and seriously. look.

in the words of David. after the dentist. 

Is this real life?

yes it is. 

watch out for ticks.

ew. he's pointing


but soak it up.

she is a gem.

and RUN

look how incredibly wonderful it is to feel small.

ah, May. 

Welcome back.


i love music. almost more than everything.