March 13, 2017

little lambs

Ok lets talk themes. 

recently for me- 


recently for a lot of us. 

and so that is what I am painting and thinking about.

I painted this while watching The White Helmets. 

a documentary about the Syrian War and a group of people who decide their mission is to rescue the injured. 
no matter who they are. 

It is so unreal how much darkness people experience in this world. 
that we cannot even go there in our minds and hearts.

Sometimes it is hard to process. but important that we try.

It is important to teach others to try. 
especially children.

because they have to grow up believing they have power to do great things. 

We need to be able to know hurt in order to know healing. 
and to see that the pain our neighbor feels is also our pain.




To transition. 

I will move onto this sleepy little guy. 

he was on the job. or mostly off the job at my mural project earlier last month. 

The mural is for twin boys. 

Their great grandmother loved lambs. 

and these lambs signify her presence with them.

the owner of this mural happens to trust me highly and just said- 

lambs, go. 

so this is what they got. 

The sweet boys were born very recently too.
joy to the world. x 2.



niece facetime. she found the crown and put it on for laughs. 

She is a walking heart.

the world appreciates her. 


i love music. almost more than everything.