January 31, 2011

What I would give for a letter.

. A real letter .


and mailed. 

traveling by itself from where someone is and then landing where I am.

 My friend has a site that celebrates this. the intention and effort of


Wishing you mad success on your new idea. 
and all your ideas.



she was so sweet and encouraging. and I am very excited to be a tiny part of her site.

You should follow that link above. it is a kind post she did (with a postcard I sent!) . and a lovely site.


See I treasure post cards too.

January 26, 2011

This is my one hundred and first post.

" Try to live your life in a way that you will not regret years of useless virtue, and inertia, and timidity. 

Take up the battle,

take it up. 

It's yours. 

This is your life. 

This is your world."

- Maya Angelou


Maya is my new love right now.

Did you know she didn't speak for years of her childhood? 
because of a traumatic life event.

But she fell in love with poetry and started reading it under her house. 

She said that she realized her voice did not leave her. 

But she left it.

And she hasn't stopped speaking since. 

I am encouraged by her. She is such a light in this world. she is so warm. kind. and smart. 


I happened to glance at something on this site that told me I completed 100 posts. 

I can't believe it.

I started this blog months ago with my baby nephew on my lap. I spent most of the time listening to music and making a header... but I knew that in order to get a wider audience and to see what would happen... I had to brave the world wide web. 

I never saw myself as a blogger. In fact I had an aversion to the word - blog. I seriously thought blogging was not going to last.. you know... like AIM.  no one is doing that anymore. 

And, I was scared mine would become a teenage journal. 

or be boring.

Except that I started following a couple blogs. And they weren't boring. And one was beautiful because it was honest. and one was hilarious.

And the blog world started looking like the cool table in the cafeteria. 
and I wanted to sit at it.

and I wanted to give my work a chance.

So I started trying. 
And still am.

Currently without a net. 

I feel slightly like a fugitive on the run. 

(Which could be a real feeling. or could be because I watched a TV show yesterday about fugitives. and I take on emotions that aren't mine sometimes.)

But I have escaped the cubicle. And the main goal is to stay out of trouble.

So I spend lots of time thinking. and refilling my tea cup. an inordinate amount of times.

Then reminding myself to just work. 

because at the blink of an eye I can call one of 3928103812 friends or family who will say- GO WORK. 

It's all fine. 


So I made this recently. I have a few versions now.

And this is my latest completed project, 

Really fun to come up with some invitations for a Bridesmaids Breakfast 

~Florida style.

Sweet ribbon envelopes.

Sewn on paper flowers.

lace teacup.

And also- hotel room reminder cards. 

Precious events call for precious invites. 

*  for special projects, contact me at abernathy.parade@gmail.com to discuss details.

But keep alert. Some puppets are coming. 


A new coffee shop series is coming.

and I have to get more tea.


January 22, 2011

You CAN do.

Have you ever wanted to do something but thought 

no money.

no power.

no way.

I have.

But then. I remember. There is always a way. 

Because we always have a choice.

And I remind myself of this mostly because I have once thought - "If _x_ happened, I would NEVER be able to handle it."

But then _x__ happens.

And you handle it.


But some things are unreal.

Like EB.

And there are families handling it.

In amazing ways.

 My heart has always gone out to the families that fight this battle.

What is EB?

EB stands for- Epidermolysis Bullosa

The Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation (EBMRF) describes EB this way:

EB is a group of diseases characterized by blister formation after minor trauma to the skin. This family of disorders, most of which are inherited, range in severity from mild to the severely disabling and life-threatening diseases of the skin. This rare genetic disorder affects all ethnic and racial groups. Estimates indicate that as many as 100,000 Americans suffer from some form of EB.
In simpler terms:

If you have EB, your skin doesn't hold on like it should. A bump can cause wounds that would shock you. Friction is your worst enemy. 

A baby can go to sleep one night and wake up with a giant wound - from the mattress.

And this means... constant watch for infection. 

constant bandages all over your body.

and constant pain.

One of the worst aspects is that it's not just the skin on the outside of your body at risk. 

Other mucous membranes on the inside of your body are affected.

Major blistering can form many places ~ like the eyes and throat.

It is terrible.


A bath is a nightmare.

And a bath is necessary daily to keep infection away.

Imagine the children who don't know any different.

Now, here is what blows my mind.
~ most people have never heard of EB ~

I only know of it because years ago I saw a documentary showing some children that were living with EB. 

Once you see it- you don't forget it.

mostly, you don't forget the kids.

Like this guy :) 

Meet Tripp


Tripp's site is HERE

Tell me he doesn't move you.

And more sweet babies.

But- what is amazing... What is freaking amazing. 

Things are happening. 

Where there was once no hope, 

there is.

DEBRA details clinical trials here on their site.

And you can check here for additional research updates.


Dr. Tolar and Dr. Wagner are making strides with clinical trials involving Blood Marrow Transplants. 

If you clicked on any children above you will see that Bella is a part of this endeavor. 

That Daylon is a part of it as well. 

And those are only two stories.

I have donated to EB research once or twice.

But I want to do more.

More than I feel like I can do.

When peoples care for you and cry for you, they can straighten out your soul. 

Langston Hughes 

So. here is a print to honor these babies. families. children. adults. friends.

To honor the spirit of those with EB.

and those who love and take care of someone with EB.

and most importantly, to join in the hope that these families have for a better life for their child.

for a pain free life.

If you buy this print.

It is $ 105.00


50.00 will go to EB research.

From Debra.org, 

"Today, there is no cure or treatment for EB, except daily wound care and bandaging. Genetic research is making progress towards treatments and a cure."


Because I Believe.



January 19, 2011

small books take a hike.

The sun beats in my studio window and fries my puppets and paintings. 

I am not complaining. 

My puppets are.

I just didn't sit in the sun here before because I used to go to my studio AFTER my day job. 

Basically, this new schedule is amazing. 

and as I found out, sunny.

and my sinus infection.. which it actually turned out to be.. is on his way out the door.


The last project I finished up was a Sketchbook Project. I mentioned it already. But it is now traveling in the mail.  Which I always think is exciting ~ for my work to move. Literally.

Maybe that is why I am fascinated by puppets.

Maybe that's why I like having to drive my work places.

 When it is moving, it is harder to stand by it.

Oh I still do. 

But when you are at a gas station and there is a puppet in your passenger seat YOU LOOK CRAZY.

The real deal sketchbook is here though. check it.

Catch it in real life on tour with other sketchbooks.

As part of THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2011 touuuuuuuur

Winter Park
San Francisco

Again. you get a topic. Guess mine... hmmm

    look at the greeeeeeter. baahaha                                                                             this guy. not so funny. more mis.



Oh, and because you need to see this too,


CLICK HERE.  hilarious/smart.

I once made giant boots/stilts that my friend wore into McDonalds and ordered a happy meal at the counter in.

NO ONE SAID ANYTHING WHEN WE DID THIS. I need to find the footage of this. Now that I mentioned it, I am on that mission.


i love music. almost more than everything.