June 28, 2011


we share a birthday. always have.


what's a sand castle?

sometimes you have to search for a tiny beach cottage with friends who know what is necessary.

and sometimes you have to run off.


on your birthday

and celebrate the present.

and like always, 

 There is no distinction between my art and my life.

I dare you to find it.


June 26, 2011

My back is broken


It's bring your puppet to work day.

ok. check.


bring your lunch. to work day.

sometimes I need reminders.

like that.


 I just spent maybe two hours hunched over on the floor of my studio holding a rabbit puppet with one arm and moving him slightly...in microscopic amounts... for a stop motion-esque film experiment. 

without ever putting my arm down.

please tell me some footage is usable. 

my back is broken.

I set things up dangerously close to styrofoam scraps. 

and he got all hydrated and such.


then he worked really hard.




and I'm so very glad...

that this is how we roll.


June 16, 2011

Sort of Amazing

My life is 

my nephew is a glimpse of everything good.

sort of amazing. 

and saying that. well that's me being shy and modest and looking down.. kicking my feet
but smiling big. 

Because amazing

doesn't. even. touch. it. 


Just look in the backseat.

and if balloons aren't there.

get them.


There was a little richness this weekend in running errands. 

If you never feel that way, 

I'm serious, 
pick up some balloons. 

then look in the rearview mirror. 


I tied two around a wedding present that I made and wrapped for a dear friend. 

It would make sense after she opened it.


and the baby love in my life came to town.

which is always a fuel up.

because like Picasso says,

“Every child is an artist...

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”


I'm busy learning from this guy.

jump in.

go for it

keep trying

and then

soak it up

Can you handle that series?
I can... barely.


Im working from this office lately.

cell phone picture fail. does not show the true beauty of my new tree top urban office.

and I'm able to walk to my studio now. after our move :) which has been a joy.

 greeted by morning hellos from the coffee porch drinking society that is-

 my new neighborhood.

And it is lovely.


I feel like my life is art. Rather, I KNOW that life is art.


 I am preaching at church this weekend.

And this Sunday is Fathers Day.

I am inspired and moved by my dad. Who, as unreal as it seems, died after I graduated from college.

and was buried in a tie with a yellow duck print all over it.

(That he bought for himself. put under the Christmas tree. and signed that it was from me.)

Because I had just completed a sculpture of one. that was 5 feet and 4 inches tall.

And he thought it was amazing.

He said so even. the morning he died.

He said-

"The day is beautiful.
The duck is beautiful."

( yes. my parents put the sculpture in their yard.)

So while I love to make things. I love to also write.


This Sunday. This Sunday there will be more art.


Heck there's art every day.

Look for it.

when you bring your groceries home.



I've been painting more lately. 

I missed it. madly.

and I remember

that Picasso also said- "Everything you can imagine is real"

sneak peek:

(and I can't help but feel small victories over that. because. dude. look at the things I imagine. ahahah.)


i love music. almost more than everything.