February 18, 2016

I cannot account for the last several hours of the day.

With everything going on, I am at that place again where there is less sleep and random important things that arise. 

Like cleaning the one corner of the room I have been wanting to reorganize. You know. That sort of thing becomes a priority when there is a quiz due and a work deadline. 

Or once I HAD to make cupcakes with small footballs on them. 


Sometimes time passes and then I think parts of everything are getting done but my to do list still looks like confetti.

a bad thing?


except I am slightly crazy lately.

and also 
some things on my to do list are amazingly wild and let's be honest- often ridiculous.

one being:
keep up with happenings here

one being:
JUNE 5. LIVE ART is back.
why don't you come this time?
it's probably the best one.
I say that each time BECAUSE IT IS TRUE.

re my sanity this week
My new laptop leapt out of my backpack in rebellion. 

I think it is ok... I hope so.

February 4, 2016

Show me the small amazing things

Show me the small amazing things
oil on canvas
12" x 12"


As my schedule is filling up, I have somehow added more time for painting. 

It is very indicative of the need to make things. 

My need to make things. 

The less time I have, the more necessary it feels to produce the things I want say. 
Or see. 

Both really. 


I go to school until 10 pm some nights of the week. It buries my brain. 

I am trying to learn a language and how to comprehend, transfer and reformulate messages. 

(Sign Language Interpretation) 

It takes all the mental energy I have. 

But that exhaustion somehow makes my work more vibrant. 

and it puts me in a raw place more often. 

In my work with people of all abilities. 

This work will always keep me focused on the deep and important things in life. 
because of all the people involved.
their hearts. 

It is a liberating place to be really.

I feel like we are all looking for a place to be richly authentic. 
And I get to do that several times a week. For that, I realize how fortunate I am.

 To get to absorb this richness in life. The real meaning. I think. 

To find love through understanding. 

I told you I was walking around in a raw place. 


Here are a couple shots from artists at Milk River Arts talking about art. 
talking about 

Their Work.

integrated career-focused support for artists with special needs through professional studio practice and exhibition opportunities.

One of the artists turned all the way around in his seat when we were talking about his. 

Takes some getting used to...

Addressing your own work.

your insides are exposed. 

But the beauty of letting that happen. The next level that takes you to- WORTH IT.


February 1, 2016

I just want to see things, and love them.

Everything is complicated. 

I just want to see things, and love them. 

2' x 2' 
oil on canvas


i love music. almost more than everything.