March 21, 2013

March 13, 2013

VOTE.please.Please.and also please.


My life is really full.

I would say- I don't know how I got so lucky. 

But I do.


I believe in things. and when I feel moved.... I act on it. 

We all are. 

And you notice.. I say PART superhero.

only part. 


The other part of me is FREAKING OUT. distraught. worried. 
doubtful. lazy. nervous. 

however that part is really important. 

without it - we would have no empathy. understanding. need for love. 

we wouldn't be looking for amazing things that matter. 



Hear me out on this. I talk about it all the time.

But this is the most important project I have been a part of.

and right now- our short documentary film is up for a big vote. 

we are part of the 

cue cannons of small paper hearts and drama masks


we are one of 25 beautiful short films that are up to win their People's Choice vote. so. 


LIVE ART, a theater arts program for students with and without special needs, transformed a community. our community. and it still is.... click here and VOTE for our short documentary film: 

no seriously. do. VOTE & SHARE the link. and. look out for our full length documentary later this year. also. tell your friends. help make a big wave. 

it's hard to stop what the arts and love can do...

recently. because of amazing support. like yours. our kickstarter campaign made our full length documentary film possible. 
it's coming. 

stay on the look out.

and in the mean time. watch and vote for the short film version. 
and TALK IT UP. about Live Art.

to everyone you know.

I am.

and I'm not embarrassed. 
I'm inspired. 


it is about our every day moments in class. 

that is where the magic happens. 

The show is amazing. ( this year LIVE ART 2013 will be on DEC 22. ) 

but living inside of it... with these kids. 

is where my heart is 



March 3, 2013

Difficult is the only guarantee.

time: almost midnight.

ew. I knew this would be a tough little series of deadlines.
but I always think when a project is over that I will - catch up. 
ha. never. 

but really who wants to catch up. 

probably someone lame.

because if you are going somewhere... you can't stop.


I don't usually post things "in progress" before I have the final picture to post with it. 

But I also don't usually eat so many thin mints. 


so . in honor of my second all-nighter in a row. I want to show you what my roommate found me with. 

                                            *mid-construction of a lion puppet for a dance production.

stay tuned. final images will be on here sooner or later. but I have a long night ahead. of ... 

finishing this guy. and 32190312 other things.

hes not done. hes just here. and I thought someone should know. 



while I am walking through the day sleep deprived. I am reminded even more how blessed I am. 
by my support.
my opportunities.
and my challenges. 

people are so good to me. 

and my life is not boring.


I'm gonna go make coffee. 

I know. the thought at this late hour makes me ill too.


as always, for more immediate crazy,  


i love music. almost more than everything.