March 28, 2012

MONUMENT AVENUE 10K 2012 and the art that runs it

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RVAcostume is a group of cool people. who commit to something odd and then own it.

It is a running art project. 


We run in an art project. 

We create these plans. build them. and then bring that costume to the amazing 10k race in Richmond.
The race goes up and back on historic Monument Avenue and we send a costume along the course. 

yes. we annoy people. 
yes. it is crowded.
yes. it is hilarious.

So, when the race is approaching. Every second of my free time is in someone's driveway trying to fit whatever we are building into someone's garage. 

I say this because people always are gracious to help us out. 

And with collaboration, it is possible. 

so thanks to those that have helped this year. 


The race is Saturday. 
So we released a teaser/trailer about our theme for 2012.

See, they cancelled the State Fair of Virginia this year. 


not on our watch.

disclaimer: I actually have a mad love for state fairs and all things related. so this is an emotional piece. 

i kid not. 
well i sort of kid. 

but i am mostly serious.


more later post race. 

it is a heavy costume. I hope we survive with our shoulders still attached.

March 23, 2012

March 15, 2012


I adore the circus.
it is all things magical, beautiful, and slightly eerie.

Visually stimulating. in about 3920138 ways.

The circus is my aesthetic.


The circus is what it looks like with my eyes closed. 

I am thrilled to present my new series.
(there was a sneak peek in an earlier post.)



Circus Series 1:

If We Have No Peace, It Is Because We Have Forgotten That We Belong To Each Other

be kind.


Circus Series 2:

Bigger Than Yourself

be moved.


Circus Series 3:

Dream Big. Dream Embarrassing Big. 

be brave.


information on the series:

Prints are ALWAYS available of each piece. 
fine art prints are high quality, pick up the thread detail, and look identical to the original

With this series. because of the detail... I actually sew on each print. This means no two prints are alike.
I do this because I adore the series. and it felt right.


Prints - unframed- are 180.00
Prints- framed- are 300.00

originals are 525.00

Status of originals:

Circus Series 1: If We Have No Peace, It Is Because We Have Forgotten That We Belong To Each Other (giraffe) is sold.

Circus Series 2: Bigger Than Yourself. (elephant) is available.

Circus Series 3: Dream Big. Dream Embarrassing Big. (lion) is available.

I will update the status of the originals above and change them as needed.

email me if you would like an original. or a print.

remember. prints are ALWAYS AVAILABLE despite having sold the original.

(This is their debut on the internet. ask fast.)




March 9, 2012

So proud of this project. So proud of these students.

First things first,

I am alive. I had an art show.
 (Which is actually still up for two months...see previous post)

and I am still alive. 

Apparently people do live through them.

But seriously,

Being creatively exhausted is a beautiful thing. It means you literally gave everything you had in the time you were given. and zzzzzzzzz.

I may have committed to creating additional pieces just because I knew they HAD to be a part of this show.

Then I went MIA Rip-Van-Winkle-Style. 

Ew. What Happened. I went approximately 2910 days without a post. I needed a minute to catch up with life.

I can only blame my lack of sleep.
and recent addiction to WordsWithFriends. sh.

There will be a post about my show.
but for what it is worth:

if you were there,

Thank you. 

It was amazing to have you.
I wish I could have spent more time speaking to everyone. wow. thank you again.


but I am compelled to do a late night post about another project I am involved in.

It is a sensational collaborative art project.

You MUST know about it. 
and seriously. tell at least one person about it. I will hold you to that. I mean. tell the person in the cube next to you. or. I dare you to bring it up at a party.
I warn you. It is a crowd pleaser. 


It is a theater program giving opportunity 


The program is called- LIVE ART
Students with special needs and students without special needs learn together in theater.
They work on performance. They work on relationships. They work on being bold. 

Watch the excerpt:

LIVE ART is currently in the works...


and needs your help.


I teach and I sit on the committee where we brainstorm ways to lift this grand idea off the ground. 



It is totally off. 

Classes have been in session since January and the students work very hard each week to dance, sing, sign, paint, tell stories, act, move,  and honestly... most importantly. they TRY NEW THINGS.

The program is not JUST the classes. (although this aspect of the program is so fulfilling that it will make you emotional to just be in the studio)

LIVE ART is about a big, wild dream. 
(are there other kinds of dreams?) 

The plan is to get these students on stage June 3, 2012. performing with Virginia musicians. 

These students will have a chance to shine on an unimaginable scale. 

Help them do that. 

follow the program on the Live Art blog. 

And / Or

Donate to LIVE ART. 

Follow this link and read about the program. 

if you feel moved, click SUPPORT US. and note that your donation is specifically for LIVE ART.

But by all means. Learn about it. 


on behalf of some of the most amazing students I have ever worked with. 

Help us make it to the stage. 



I love this project.
You will keep hearing about it.
(Watch for LIVE ART updates)

I fight back tears at least four times per class. I'm telling's moving.

You should see how kind kids can be.

You should see how hardworking kids can be. 

It reassures you about the future.

and reminds you there is power in art.


i love music. almost more than everything.