March 14, 2014

Dragons that sing. and other big projects.


I thought life was crazy a week ago.

my sister came by and offered to wear this costume while I worked on the back. 
slight resistance for one second and then she knew she had to.

It just looks really great out of context. 

when I saw her working and tolerating it. as if it wasnt on her head. 


This dragon is for the Virginia Rep production of Shrek! The Musical. 

see. she's nice.


and sometimes when you turn your pieces in... they are needed immediately.
to make the day weirder. better.

just working backstage.


but then there was THIS week. 

and I was on a ladder last night at 1 am thinking... will it always feel like I am in art school?


Is that so bad?  


creative jobs mean working at weird times and with weird bursts of fuel. 


I dont know. I need everything. 

Because I am spent. 

roommates set up camp. hilarious. and necessary.

they said they could hear the waves.

early stages.

Insomnia results in neat things though.

subjective. maybe. yes.

but for me, my best things are when I am at my extreme limit.

and at that point. I always make something new. or insane.

and I am glad I felt like a truck hit me. 

photo credit- Becca Hankins.

And it may sound dramatic. BECAUSE IT IS. 

photo credit- Becca Hankins.

photo credit- Becca Hankins.

photo credit- Becca Hankins.

I am working on a restaurant mural. And people tap on the glass at night. and the later it gets the creepier that gets. 

It is amazing how creepy a thumbs up can be at 2 am. 

once your vision adjusts and you see it. 


who would have guessed. 

also not the most comforting imagery.

I know I am the one to blame. but still.



Also. when you are working in a new establishment, they don't always have working restrooms yet. 

Just saying. 

And while I am being honest. 

The best way to make it through. is the Aladdin Pandora Station. 

it always is. 

I cannot fight it. 

and I don't want to 

Im too tired. 


Cant wait to show the final interior of the restaurant. which wont be long. because the deadline is chasing me like a lion. like a creepy scary Foo Dog. lion/ wolf creature. 


last night I had a granola bar and a piece of cheese for dinner.


Carry. the heck. on.

i love music. almost more than everything.