August 31, 2011




I choked back tears this weekend as one of my best friends walked down the aisle 
toward the sweetest groom. 

They are two compassionate and selfless people.

It was touching.


There's a gravity to a wedding. 


This gravity. 
it slows things down. to the point that you hear more. see more. feel more.

Everyone stops their lives 
to sit and watch two people declare that they love each other. and will forever.

And I choked back tears when the bride got nervous because the music was starting.

and when I saw her groom at the front of the church with the biggest grin on his face. 

And when her dad saw her. and smiled.

There was a lot of love.

Love her so much.


And on the way home, I rode with another one of my best friends.  
over highways and roads that survived the weekend's hurricane. 

But when we stopped to refuel, gas stations were closed with no power. 

And by chance we were close to my dad's grave. So, I thought we could stop and visit for a second. 

See we don't live super close to where he is. which is neat. because driving there is a dear experience. 


We had to park way back near the highway and climb over the trunk of a great tree which fell and blocked the way to the cemetery.

And I was fine when we were there until I started pulling some weeds out and realized 

he was there long enough to have weeds. 

And that hurt my heart.

and my sweet friend stood calm. while my hands were dirty and tears ran under my sunglasses. 


But when we got in the car I started telling her about a conversation I had with my dad. 

How I worried he would miss out on things.

He said- no way.

"I will be there."

and all of a sudden. after staying very calm,

She let out a waterfall and we sobbed and laughed together for thirty minutes down the road. 


It may not seem like it. But it was wonderful. 

And soon we stopped for Cokes and Aleve. to help with our crying headaches.


And waiting in a 10 car line at the only gas pump for miles that had power post hurricane damage...
with swollen eyes. and a friend hunting for sodas. I cherished that second.


This is life.


and then yesterday, I found myself crying my eyes out in a pew. 

through really thin tissues that broke when you pulled them from the box.

At my friend's grandmother's funeral. 

It has always been clear to me that the important things in life are people. and love. 

and I cried and cried during the funeral because my friend's family was so hurt. 

but I was also crying at the beauty of it all. 

I know what it is like to have such heartache. 


But you can grab onto everything in that moment 
that is wonderfully rich 
and keep it in your pockets. 

And when someone is mean to you.
Or makes you feel little.
Or scares you.

You can grip what you have been collecting.

And you will be stronger.


There is not a single day that goes by without my dad in it.

And yet, there is mad pain when I can't touch him.

or talk to him.

But wow am I aware of the fragile precious life I have.

That was richer the moment my daddy died.

Because on the way out of my dad's funeral,  I bent down to sob and my brother grabbed me up and kissed me on the head.

and on the way out of the funeral yesterday, when my friend's grandfather crumpled, he was held up by his own daughter.

And it is clear.

That we are supposed to scoop each other up.

And be kind.


love is all there is. 



Sometimes I get dizzy in so many projects and directions that I have to flee back into my studio.

Where everything is better instantly.

and all manicures are ruined.

and I get back to why I even jumped in the first place.

to say what I feel moved to say.


5' x 6'  oil on canvas. hand built. $ 1100.00

ready for his forever home. 


Love is all there is.




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August 29, 2011

sometimes dreams are shattered.

but it's rough every time.


For a field trip... I go to antique stores and walk slowly with a coffee in my hand. 

It makes me very happy and it's good inspiration. 

I think a lot. about everything.

and, you can't tell me the above picture isn't amazing. 


You miss out if you don't look up.


August 25, 2011

House love.

I got something on my mind last night.

So I did it.

now I feel better.

August 24, 2011

Three Grand Finds- an august spectacular.

I think this should be a reoccurring entry. 

Three Grand Finds
(5 letters. each word. had to type out t-h-r-e-e. looks pretty.)

Three Grand Finds: inspiring you to notice something. make something. or celebrate something. worth celebrating.

They are, in no particular order:
( ok there is an order. I thought the last one was funny as the last one. so I thought about the order.) 


a mailbox smashed with presents from the west coast sidekick who, while less-close in proximity, is never less-close in any other way.

have one of these? send them mail. it is a party in a box. by the door.

Im doing something right. because this is a name I respond to.

drying my hands will never be the same.

honorable mention!? I would contest that. but appreciate the category. 

 I opened fast.
then ran.


 A baby shower card:

pardon the lighting. it was hard to see his hot pink crayon of choice.

This is a teddy bear on the front.


this was the inside. 

I too, hope she enjoys her baby.
awesome words.




August 17, 2011

speak loud. and stay young.

 So, this may be the best compliment for an arts camp.


Seriously, how precious is that?


A testimony to the power of the arts.


I like spending time with creative kids. in the mountains.

and this is my fourth year so I feel like I have seen the returning kids grow up. and learn things.

Mostly, how to think differently.

Which is exciting.
and also important.

I mean...

I encourage this.

The craze in facial hair is actually their commitment to their parts in The Tempest.

If you give a kid a moustache...


 Sometimes I love a drawing a kid does so much that I wish I could take it home.

This zebra is on my list.

the enthusiasm. is awesome.

And I would say- yeah... put your cell phone away during class.

But when you are stretching to the max to get a video of the puppet production another group did... 


this is also sometimes called- a stressful mess.


 KE$HA. did I even need to tell you?

and THIS. 
You can't make this stuff up. and don't shoot the messenger- but the kids wrote super short plays and they had to create the characters. 

This guy above is a "business man." 

and no lie. 

someone made ME.

and someone also made Tara... one of the drama teachers.

please note the likenesses. and the outfits.

ok. moving on.


watch them think. 


I read your mind. you needed a close up.

oh, yeah.. and when I asked them to write something about camp... or the arts... or what they really liked this week.

I got some real answers.

and some sweet ones.

preach it...

I said.


I think so too.

bam. someone added a wand.

and in the spirit of how I'm feeling lately- 




(and build monsters. for the stage.)

I love most... watching kids work together.

My guys made that monster. and his mouth moves. 

I'm so proud.


oh, and my nephew was there. so after the big kids left he checked out the place.

(never to early to give a kid a stage.)


Bye sweet campers.


I have to hit the road. 
Mary Poppins style.

where I blast the music. keep the windows down. stop at all flea markets necessary. and sing at the top of my lungs. 

I know it is camp season because it is also peach season.

and apparently I buy everything that is brilliant orange. and canned locally.


by the way

It does exist:

“Imagination is everything. 

It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”

~ Albert Einstein


i love music. almost more than everything.