May 7, 2017

And the wild bird whispered, "Hold tight."

And the wild bird whispered, "Hold tight."
2' x 2' Oil on Canvas



I don't know what the most important thing is. 


I thought I did. 

I maybe do. 


Things happen all the time 

that shatter what I think I know. 

I am constantly forced to collect my thoughts, pull them apart, throw them around the room, and sweep them back together into something that looks less like a mess and that makes me feel like 
I accomplished something big.



There are times in my life when I am super aware that there are only twenty four hours in a day. 
Now is one of them. 

I am incredibly busy, but with good.

and I do know certain things to be very true: 

there is a bird in my chimney. 
plastic bins cannot be chairs. falling into one hurts a decent amount.

and coffee right before exercising is a danger. 

But so too are bees. 

One flew into my face and then landed on the sidewalk. The bee died on my face. 

And with that. I close.

i love music. almost more than everything.